The Scary-in-a-Good-Way Sharon Stone Endorsed EVERYTHING in the 80s

I'm totally obsessed with Sharon Stone. So I collected a bunch of vintage commercials that show her on her way to diva-dom. Out of respect, I omitted the Opti-Zyme contact lenses one; it just seemed a tad beneath her.
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October 21, 2011
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I'm pretty much obsessed with Sharon Stone. The Sharon Stone who told magazines and designers -- "Look, if I wear it, I own it."

She huffily told my friend -- when she was inspecting the rack of clothes at her cover shoot, and he asked what she thought -- "I'm gonna need a few minutes alone here." Worrrk! (As I told this story in the office Cat O. from IT said "I met her once... she's not a nice lady." Come on, Cat! She's a SUPER, MEGA, ÜBER STAR. You can't expect good customer service with a broad of her stature.)

The Sharon Stone who still wore Dior to the Oscars in 2011 shortly after the horrible Galliano scandal.

The Sharon Stone who, when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in "Casino," walked on stage (I think in a silver Calvin Klein column) and declared, "Let's face's a miracle."

The Sharon Stone who confidently said the 2008 earthquake in China was 'karma for Tibet.'

The Sharon Stone who asked Michael Douglas's character in "Basic Instict," "You ever fucked on cocaine, Nick? It's nice."

While looking at vintage perfume ads the other day, I fell into a Sharon Stone endorsement K-hole and found these amazing commercials she made in the 80s, which have only intensified my love for her.

Sharon Stone for Charlie Perfume in 1983

1983 was also the year that brought us Christy Brinkley in Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" -- notice the similarities?

Sharon Stone for Finesse Shampoo in 1982

Sometimes you need a little Sharon Stone, sometimes you need a lot. Wow -- so many looks crammed into one little commercial. My fave is "Tennis" Sharon.

Sharon Stone for Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler in 1987

Shanon Stone doing her best Cybill Shepherd.

Sharon Stone for Clairol Nice and Easy

OMG: SS says, convincingly -- "People will say nice things about you."

What's your favorite Sharon Stone moment?