6 Things to Know About Scully's Style Evolution on the X-Files

Goodbye, shoulder pads!
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February 22, 2016
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The X-Files will wrap up its six-episode reboot tonight, and we're already missing David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's paranormal-loving characters, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. There have been quite a few changes in the current show,including a slew of new characters, but one thing that hasn't skipped a beat in thirteen years after the original series ended: Scully still loves her power suits.

Of course, the cut of her suits has drastically changed (goodbye shoulder pads!), but for the most part, her style from the original series shines through. "The X-Files phenomena is alive in the minds of its fans," the show's costume designer, Christopher Hargadon tells InStyle. "My goal with this current miniseries was to respect the parameters laid out by the original series while creating a classic, updated, and enduring look."

Here, Hargadon explains exactly how Scully's style has evolved since the original show aired.

1. No More Oversized '90s Look

"Both Gillian and women’s styling have changed since the original series," Hargadon tells InStyle. "The suitings of the '90s were looser with padded shoulders, and much of that decade was still a carry-through of the '80s. Gillian is a sophisticated, beautiful woman and I hoped to reflect this in her current style and tailoring."

2. Her Style is Still Conservative

"This is due in part to her religious background and partly in keeping with the restrained look of a scientist and FBI agent," he says. "Her color scheme is largely within the realm of blues and grays, with rich greens or burgundies being the most vibrant choices."

3. Scully Loves Her Power Suits, but the Look of Them Has Changed

"Scully’s look is tailored, subtle, sophisticated and confident," Hargadon says. "The fabrics of her suits are beautiful, and the fit is adjusted and proportioned to lend Scully a distinct form of power dressing. I believe this was also the intent in the original show."

4. Hargadon Pays Homage to Scullt's Best Looks from the Original Series

"A suit that really stood out for me in the original series was a fitted navy number with a tie at the waist," he explains. "It suited Gillian perfectly and added some panache to her otherwise conformed FBI look. A cropped black trench with a pleated peplum at the back was my homage to this navy suit."

5. Scully Now Bends the FBI Dress Code

"There are certain rules within the FBI dress code," Hargadon says. "She isn’t undercover, hence appears at work in a suit. I varied the look by combining jackets with dresses or skirts, not always trousers."

6. Scully and Mulder's Looks Complement Each Other

"Mulder’s suits were also built for him, so I was able to choose color combinations for scenes with him and Scully," he says. "Normally, unless for a specific psychological message, I’d keep the two in different colors. For example, Scully in gray and Mulder in blue, or vice versa. Since the general lighting overtone of the series is blue, I avoided a complete blue schematic as a general rule."

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