I Don't Care That You Have to Undress to Pee — Rompers Are All I Want to Wear This Summer

Are you anti- or pro-romper?
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April 23, 2016
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You know that Joan Didion quote, "I have already lost touch with a couple people I used to be?" It's a very profound, meaningful quote that I love and now I'm going to use it to explain my feelings about rompers, of all things.

I've already lost touch with the version of myself who, just a few years ago, was vehemently anti-romper. So much so that I don't even really remember my reasons for it. Now, however, I have so completely succumbed to the romper way of life I no longer even care about having to get half-undressed to go to the bathroom.

I'm still aware of the fact that rompers, as ubiquitous as they are now, tend to be a contentious item of clothing. They have a lot of cons, to be fair: there's the afore-mentioned bathroom struggle, and it can be difficult to find a romper that fits perfectly, especially if you're not the same size on top as on bottom.

I also think that there's a prevailing belief that rompers are somewhat childish or, at the very least, overly casual. Think about it: who wears rompers? Fictional characters that come to mind are Abbi and Ilana in Broad City, Hannah in Girls, and Jess in New Girl (although to be fair, her glamorous model friend Cece has also worn rompers). As much as I love those characters, they're not exactly bastions of adult maturity. You would never expect to see Olivia Pope or Alicia Florrick wear a romper because they're serious adults who get shit done.

If we're talking about real-world examples, it's the difference between Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton, or Beyonce and Michelle Obama. You could argue that it's because two of those women are pop stars while the other two hold positions that require a more formal wardrobe, and I'm sure that's part of it. A romper will always be more casual than a traditional dress.

Age could play a factor as well. While I don't subscribe to the belief that there's an age cut-off for wearing anything, I do have to admit that there's a youthful vibe to rompers that makes it difficult for me to imagine my mom or grandma wearing one. (Although if either of them ever express an interest, you better believe I'm grabbing their hand and making a beeline for the mall.)

So we've covered the cons — people will take you for a very casual child who needs help going to the bathroom and you'll never get to be First Lady — but rompers have a lot of pros too! They come in so many different styles that you're sure to find a versatile one that you can easily dress up or down. The hemline can be shorter than a dress so your legs will look amazing but you'll have way more freedom of movement and still be covered, crotch-wise. And finally, they're just a really easy outfit to throw on and go during the summer months.

I dusted off my rompers for the first time this spring to demonstrate a few of the different ways that I like to style them. And — get this — one of them even lets you go pee. I'm not even kidding.

1. The Casual Romper

I found this romper at Forever 21 a year or two ago, and since then it's been my go-to outfit every summer. The little black romper is a far more versatile piece than the LBD, I say. I wear this with everything from heels to sneakers, for dates or for walking the dog. If you buy one romper this summer, let it be a versatile black one that fits you perfectly.

2. The Formal Romper

Yes, you can totally wear a romper to a formal event. It depends on the event and the romper in question, of course. The above Missguided romper is probably closer to lingerie than a dress, so I wouldn't wear it to a church wedding — but I would wear it for a hot date or out dancing. Like I said before, the best part of rompers is that you can go much shorter than you normally would with a dress, because the shorts will keep you covered no matter what. So go ahead and show off those legs this summer, people!

3. The Thrifted Romper

You guys know how much I love thrifting. If fast fashion isn't your cup of tea or you're just looking to save some money, rest assured that it's possible to find a really cute, affordable romper at the thrift store. That's where I found the one pictured above. It was my very first romper — the gateway romper, if you will. I couldn't say no to the tiny polka dots, or the tiny price.

4. The Romper Disguised As A Dress

I love this romper so much — sorry, I mean this playsuit. This is the Playsuit Reinvented, and it's pretty neat. It has deep side pockets, a small pocket near your chest for cards and money, and straps to hold your bra straps in place (you can't see in the above picture but it's sleeveless). Best of all, the crotch has a snap closure! Seriously, that should come standard with all rompers. I have hope that this playsuit is going to totally reinvent the romper game.

Anyway, I like how this playsuit looks like a dress; it's very easy to dress up or down. It comes in a bunch of different colors too. Just know that I found it rather tight in the bust, so you may want to size up and if you're particularly large-chested it might not work for you.

Here are a few rompers available online that I think are really cute:

Alright, now it's your turn: anti-romper or pro-romper? Feel free to battle it out in the comments. I'd also love to see pictures of how you style rompers if you wear 'em.