The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask (BACKSTAGE EDITION): Tracy Reese

Plus, making out with Denzel Washington.
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February 17, 2012
New York FW Fall 2012

While some designers dash frantically from girl to girl, making last-minute styling changes before their clothes hit the runway, Tracy Reese is different. When I arrived backstage, I spied the designer seated like one of the models, relaxed amid the pre-show chaos, having her nails painted instead.The perfect scenerio, I thought, for an interview.

Admittedly, I got through three of our xoJane "Same 5 Questions" before changing the subject to Fashion Week.

Tracy is one of the sweetest, most approachable designers I've met, and I didn't want to stress her before the show.

Julie: What is the grossest thing in your handbag?

Oh, a bunch of old, cruddy receipts.

What's the closest you've ever come to being arrested?

Oh God! I did run a red light, a couple summers ago. I don't think I was close to being arrested though. I ran a red light up in Hudson and I was very regretful. I got pulled over.

Who's on your celebrity make out list with?

(Laughs) There's always Denzel Washington. I like the guy from "Smallville," um, there's a few. There's always somebody cute popping up.

OK, what's the best thing you've seen so far at Fashion Week aside from your own collection?

To be honest, we've been like, sequestered. It's weird. You kind of don't want to get distracted until your show is over and then you're like, okay what's going on? So I haven't seen much. But, I think, it's always fun seeing the fashion community get ready for Fashion Week, and putting on great outfits. That part's great.

It's crazy to see you sitting here!

We're in a holding pattern because we can't get into the space yet, so it's a good time to commune with our wonderful hair and makeup teams. Say hello and good morning to the girls and watch everybody get beautified, and get some help myself because I need it.

Which color are you getting today?

I'm going for the

Scarab (by Sally Hansen)

, it's iridescent, it's really sick.

And what about your collection?

Bold, colorful confident. A little bit shorter. We styled it like very street, just very ready to wear. Really ready to wear, not like "Oh, maybe if I were a celebrity" or, "I don't have any place to wear that." I don't like that concept or that idea. You know, you can make any event great, just by looking great yourself, so it doesn't have to be the red carpet every moment. It's about interpreting it your own way.

One more question. What's the one thing that you need to survive Fashion Week?

At the beginning of the day, I always read my daily word, I just like to have my little quiet moment. I haven't quite reached meditation yet, but I at least like to have that moment to step outside of yourself and any concerns that you have and know that everything is in divine order.

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