Rihanna Is Showing Her Puma Collection at Fashion Week and Everything Is Going to Be Fine

It’s easy to discredit celebrities turned designers, but honestly, what the hell are you going to say to Rihanna?
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December 10, 2015
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So it looks like Rihanna will be presenting her full Puma collection during NYFW in February, and it's bound to make a ton of people mad. When a celebrity tries to stick their toe in an industry in which they did not get their start, people get pissed. A singer starring in a feature film? Anger! A rapper presenting a clothing line? Outrage!

Part of me gets it. There are people who work their whole lives to make a name for themselves in fashion. Then, some pop star gets appointed Creative Director of a company that’s trying to breathe new life into its brand, and boom! — they get a prime spot at the tents that could have gone to someone who has worked harder for it.

On the other hand, this is Rihanna we’re talking about.

I can't think of another celebrity worthy of a Fashion Week slot than Rihanna. She's a fashion icon — seriously, Harper's Bazaar says so — and mogul, known almost as much for her style as she is her music.

The thing about Rihanna's style in particular is that it all seems just a little bit more authentic than that of her peers. Sure, she's got stylists and the entire collections of every designer in the world at her fingertips, but every outfit she's pictured in, especially those off of the red carpet when she's running into the studio, the beach, or ~the club~, she's always head-to-toe in a fit that's so uniquely Rihanna. Whether she's pairing Celine with Trapstar or a slip dress with Timbs, my favorite Rihanna looks are when she's one part casual, ten parts glam. And her jewelry. I could never.

I'm anxious to see what the collection turns out to be. Yes, she’ll work with a team of designers at Puma under strict constraints and brand standards telling her what she can and can’t do when making a collection that’s supposed to be hers. However, if Kanye West's Yeezy Season 1 has taught us anything, it's that celebrity collaborations are starting to put the celebrity's vision first, knowing that that's what is gonna sell these clothes. Kanye used his Adidas partnership for capital and access to better materials, which helped him bring his vision to fruition.

Kanye West is a genius — don’t @ me.

If Puma works in the same way and bows to Rihanna, putting her at the very front of this project, then we're going to have some insane pieces on our hands. I mean, would you tell Rihanna to put a Puma logo on a t-shirt?

The only piece of the collab we've seen this far are the Creepers, which sold out in a matter of minutes.

I tried to buy them and I don’t even like them. But I like Rihanna, so isn’t that reason enough?

Rihanna has a reputation for breaking rules and setting new standards for how things are done (THIS ALBUM PROMO) so what I’m most excited about is to see just how she turns out this foray into fashion. Rihanna’s well-known eye for style makes her one of the few celebrities that doesn’t have to rely solely on star power when selling a collection, though she could.

What do you think of Rihanna having a place at the tents? Are you into celebrity clothing lines? WHAT is going on with this new Rihanna album? Does it exist? Tell me everything in the comments.