My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: Teen Drama, 16th Century Edition

"Reign" is The CW's version of Mary Queen of Scots at French Court -- and it's delicious and CHIC.
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December 13, 2013
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Okay full disclosure: I went hashtag searching for this week's inspiration because I'm so obsessed with "Reign" and just HAD to write about it. But now I'm following a bunch of fan Insta accounts, so that totally counts right?

Are you guys watching? IT'S SO GOOD! It's like "Gossip Girl" at French court when Mary Queen of Scots is engaged to the French heir to the throne, Prince Francis. Obviously, everyone is ridiculously good looking and there are loads of scandals and teen angst. Just be cool if they play a little fast and loose with strict historical facts.

I could watch for the costumes and hair alone. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BRAIDS. You see Mary's four BFFs have come with her to France and each one has the most gorgeous hair ever. I mean just look at them:

Now I just want to wear dramatic skirts and capes and layers and braids and headpieces. There's so much amazing lace, like in Mary's dress in the top photograph. And, oh, the necklaces and rings! Heaven. I also really want to be involved in palace intrigue -- but I can't have it all, I guess.

I did however find some modern day items inspired by my binge-watching of sexy times at French court. First it was all the purple I bought, a la Marie on "Breaking Bad" and now this. I've always known that TV kinda ruled my life. Now it's part of the permanent Internet record.

Can we all start sending correspondence with wax seals again? Because I would be super into that and could use this ring in a very functional way.

The drama of a gilded cape is just so fantastic. This McQueen version speaks to me. It does not however speak to my budget.

Pretty much every headband that Jennifer Behr designs would work on both the "Reign" set and for a night out. This one in particular I would like to see on me. Or Lady Kenna.

If the characters were allowed to wear short dresses, I think they might be into this.

If you're watching, let's discuss last night's episode in the comments. If you're not, this should totally be your holiday hiatus show on Hulu. Also, do you want to now wear lace and braid your hair, too?