What Would You Put in This Hole? How About Your Ponytail?

Holes were made to put things in.
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November 25, 2013
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It was raining buckets in Los Angeles last week. I literally almost died. (Hush up, nerds. Merriam-Webster agrees with me. Literally!) This silly city is ill-equipped to handle such an event -- streets instantly flood, people smash their cars into things, and ditzy girls from Beverly Hills to the Valley bemoan their ruined DryBar blowouts. Not me, though. I welcome this break from proper hairstyling -- because I just slap on a beanie and call it a day.

But wearing a beanie is not without its own problems. The most glaring one is that if you usually wear your hair in a ponytail to keep it off your neck, you're out of luck once you add a beanie to this mix. You get forced into a low ponytail situation, which is plenty foxy but definitely does not keep your hair from strangling you.

At the exact moment that I was sitting in my car ruminating on my beanie-smushed ponytail, I literally (proper usage, are you happy?) received an email announcing the most exceptional invention of all time -- AND DUH, IT'S CALLED THE PONYTAIL BEANIE!

Yes, it's a knitted hat with a clever slot in the back to pull your ponytail through. I'd like to go on record as stating that I think this invention is more important than the Roomba robot vacuum or even the Real Housewives franchise.

Now your ears can be warm and toasty while you rock a high, perky ponytail! There are no other life goals left to attain after this. Every inventor on earth should hang up their inventing shoes, because the ponytail beanie just killed it forever.

I excitedly told a few pals about this triumphant moment for mankind and they pretty much all had something snarky to say about it:

"Is this like a crisis? Not being able to wear a pony with a hat?"


"I am just so glad right now that I don't wear beanies. You never have this problem with a cloche."

Crisis is a pretty strong word, but yes, it's kind of annoying to have to take your hair down whenever you want to wear a beanie. It plasters itself to your neck and itches like crazy! But the real takeaway here is that I somehow accidentally became friends with a person who wears cloche hats in the year 2013 -- which is a pretty big oversight on my part.

The genius of this particular ponytail beanie is that the holes you pull your pony through are woven right into the design of the hat. There are two of them, so you can also choose how you want to wear your pony -- high or low!

I've seen hats with space for your ponytail to peek through before -- but they are always in some kind of shiny, sporty material and made expressly for runners. These ponytail hats clearly put fashion first, because the ponytail holes are totally hidden, so you can switch to wearing it just like a normal beanie if you decide to take your hair down in the middle of the day.

The Classic Cable knit style comes in a range of colors:

There is also an 'Elements' collection, full of subtle earth toned hats that are fleece-lined for extra warmth!

These ponytail beanies are made by 'Peekaboos' -- a hat company that came about completely by accident after a pattern-averse University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student's knitting project went awry. She ended up with a hat full of holes and decided to wear it anyways, absent-mindedly pulling her ponytail out through one of the openings. People started to comment on her clever idea, asked for their own, and now here you are reading about it!

If you are an adorkable ponytail-wearing freak who is in love with a person whose soul you keep in a small glass box on your nightstand, I'd suggest investing in this matching snowflake beanie set so your friends can all vomit simultaneously upon seeing your new profile pic.

I don't want any part of this matching snowflake beanie business, not because I hate love and romance (I do) but because I personally wear black or neon beanies ONLY. If you like orange, you're in luck: Peekaboos makes a special orange ponytail beanie that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I'd be curious to see how this clever invention would fare on Shark Tank. If I was a shark, I'd be all in -- how about you?

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