David Beckham Brings You What is Perhaps H&M's Sexiest Collabo EVER

They praise the quality and blah blah blah but who cares when you get to look at images of an Adonis-In-Underwear (AIU) for an indefinite amount of time? ALSO: Vote for your favorite male underwear shot.
Publish date:
January 4, 2012
h&m, underwear, AIUs, david beckham

It's easy to get lost in all the hoopla of designer/celebrity/reality star collaborations, but this specific one is worth everyone's attention. Not only because a male celebrity is being sexually objectified for once, but because said male is none other than Mr. Victoria Beckham David Beckham himself (the couple who does fashion together stays together!).

Retail giant H&M is known for its monumentally successful get-the-designer-look-for-less capsule collections (umm -- Versace, anyone?) but this is a special bodywear line designed by the soccer superstar himself.

What actually sounds appealing is that one of the main goals with the design was to create a super comfortable waistband. The collection hits stores on February 2nd, but the parntership is going to be a long-term one and we're thinking that in this case, the model will remain the same (!). Prices will range between $12.95 and $29.95, which makes me reiterate the title of this article: this may just as well be H&M's best, if not sexiest collaboration ever.

Anyway, so while we're ogling males, I want to know: who's your favorite AIU yonder?

Which underwear ad does it for you?