My Oversized Sweater Obsession Is Out Of Control -- Send Help!

I want to swim in them all season, every season.
Publish date:
October 30, 2013
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What maxi dresses are to my summer wardrobe, oversized sweaters are to my fall/winter one.

I heart them SO HARD. And I want to buy every single big ass sweater I see and wrap it around my body to keep me warm and snuggly while the cold winds whip around me. Ugh, that's corny. But for reals, I just want them all. And they ARE really cozy.

This one is my jam. And I've lived in it since it came into my life. It's Margiela for H&M (can they do part two of that collection, please?) and as such is supposed to be even more weirdly sized than your average big sweater. This is actually a medium (yes, that's right) and the collection is no longer for sale. But I bet there are some on eBay if you check.

It's for sure one of my favorite things I've ever owned. I will be wearing it at least once a week, so prepare yourselves Jane, Emily, Corynne, et al. WINTER IS COMING AND THIS IS HOW ABBY DOES IT.

But I also own like 10 other big, boyfriend-style sweaters and I want more. Luckily they're in style again this season (or are they ever out?) and I'm going on a mad bender. Is this bad? Do I need help?

The thing is not only do these giant (often) cashmere wonders keep me warm, but they also work with my whole "cover up my midsection that I don't love right now and let my legs that I do love work it out" thing.

Hey, I wish I loved every part of my body but sometimes my tummy is not my favorite. And big sweaters let me cover her up. I'll own whatever you want me to own about that.

So while I should be buying holiday presents and saving for the taxes that will come from my freelance workload, mostly I just want to buy these things.

3.1 Phillip Lim Oversized Cable Knit Sweater (It should be noted that I don't think I could ever actually spend almost $800 for a sweater, but, my god, how gorgeous is it? I want it soooooo much.)

I'm not really one for animal-like prints, but this big old DKNY sweater needs to get into my life. Paypal anyone?

But big sweaters are not just for big bank accounts. Here are a couple I love at more reasonable prices.

ModCloth Hale and Hearty Sweater, $42

How much do you love tucking your hands in super long sleeves? Oh, is that just me? Tell me it's not. I just ordered this sweater for that very reason.

Superdry Oversized Sweater, $100

Am I alone? Do you love giant sweaters too? Have you found great ones -- and if you have, PLEASE tell me? I want them all.