OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Working From Home Edition

This one is about me because we are not in the office this week and I've spent the past five days alone.
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December 27, 2013
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Do YOU get to work from home? We do! That is one of the perks of working on the Internet. YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE! I would say that I miss my co-workers but we are all weirdly obsessed with each other that there have been lots of emails going back and forth among the staff this whole week, some about work, some just emojis. We have been in contact.

I've otherwise been hibernating pretty hardcore. With the exception of Christmas Day, I've been spending crazy time alone, on the couch, watching documentaries (um, HAVE YOU SEEN BLACKFISH BECAUSE IT SHOWS YOU EVIL.) I have been working, just in front of the TV. If you think I'm being unprofessional, talk to Lesley about playing video games during our edit meetings. WE'RE ON TO YOU, KINZEL.

Working from home is tricky because you can very easily NOT WORK. Want to know how I deal with that? I wear full outfits. I may actually spend more time picking out an outfit for working at home than I do going into the office. It is more fun that way. Admit, sometimes you do your dishes in those heels that you can't wear out because they are torture. You have got to wear them at some point. Work from home outfits are all about finding the middle ground between being comfortable and having a friendly reminder that you may NOT get back into bed.

This is what I wore pretty much all week (PROTIP: When working from home, wear the same thing all week because nobody can see you!)

BEHOLD THE PERFECT WORK FROM HOME PANT. These Uniqlo Drape Pants are my new thing. These comfortable beauties are part classy part straight-up pajamas. Oh, and they are $15 so you can't even complain. I showed these to a friend of mine who is tailor to the stars and she was very impressed.

"All of the shows I did this fashion week had some sort of pant like that," were her exact words. So get ahead of the curve and buy these pants now. Those perfect heels are from ZARA by the way, and they are, in fact, perfect.

On to you!

This outfit comes from our very own why.cat. I know I'm biased because she just GETS my color scheme. Black and white babes for LIFE (or maybe navy? I'm not really sure.) Soundtrack starts now...

I love an old-school winter sweater like this. I can't get warm so I have a great sweater on hand at all times. Even when it is kinda hot. I'm going to San Francisco in a few days and I'll be packing some wool because I will find the drafty part of the room even in warm places.

Here are my picks for some very real black-and-white winter sweaters. By the way, I don't believe in that whole ugly sweater party phenomena. Why would I want to look ugly?! I'll stay cute, thanks.

Black and white sweaters are actually great, as for her black pants I'm going tell you my very uncool fashion tip: Buy your jeans at Forever 21. Yep. So. Sue. Me. I love their pants. They fit me perfectly and they are embarrassingly cheap. I don't actually try them on when I go (PERK) but I just buy three or four pairs and then try them on when I get home.

True, they will not last a lifetime like Levi's or Earls but they DO hold my butt with the enthusiasm of my high school boyfriend. Try them out, I promise, you won't be disappointed. Maybe you will be disappointed, but I'm not in the fulfilling promises business.

I hope all of your holidays were SMASHING and I can't wait to see you freaks put your outfits in the comments this week. It has become a bit of an obsession looking at them since I took on this column so please, FEED ME.