OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Welcome To The Family, Rebecca!

We are back from vacation and now we all have a NEW BOSS.
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January 10, 2014
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Happy New Year, friends! Happy New Boss, Olivia! That's right, there has been a changing of the guard (or, of the "bad cop" as we lovingly call our Managing Editor) at xoJane and her name is Rebecca Carroll. I am not going to talk about how brilliant she is because you can find out for yourself in her first article here.

I am going to talk about her outfit. Let's take a look. Wait no, let's put some music on first because it's Friday and I feel like DANCING.

All right, now that we have our vibes in order, let's get to know Rebecca's look.

First, let's note the blazer. Um, can you see what is going on here? Her blazer has GILLS. How fantastic is that? It's vintage, so you can't buy it (I live to tease you) but any sort of vintage blazer will always perk up an outfit and will professionalize jeans instantly. That is Dressing Yourself 101, don't make me tell you again.

Also, please note her neckwear. Wearing two necklaces is one of those jewelry moves that can totally make you look like a teenager that just took mommy's credit card to Claire's. Look what Rebecca did here: Not only are they two different, complementary lengths, they are a similar weight. She is not trying to mix chunky lucite with a delicate silver chain (which could be a thing now that I think about it.) Good move, Rebecca. I like your style.

Rebecca looks like the professor in college that you actually try to do the reading for because you want her to like you. Her style is casually intimidating and I think we need that around here. I mean, people say I'm intimidating but that is just because I personify crisp black velvet. Rebecca is more real deal "I know what I'm talking about and I know how to dress myself" rather than "I'm 26 and slightly insecure so I need to wear statement pieces to feel like I have a place in this world." That is how I feel about Rebecca, and yes I'd like her to like me so be nice to her in the comments or I will blacklist you. KIDDING.

Now, on to YOU.

This week's reader outfit comes from maddestef mainly because HELLO, IT'S A SIMPSON T-SHIRT. I'll have you know, it has been a very bumpy road for me to start wearing T-shirts. I love boobs, particularly mine, and I don't like to hide them.

What I didn't know was that if you get an awesome T, tuck it in to a mini skirt, you can still show off your ladyparts without showing any skin. Oh, and everybody loves The Simpsons, so they will be looking and you if you decide to go out in any clothes at all (NOT REQUIRED ON MOST COLLEGE CAMPUSES) you might as well wear something people will look at.

Please take a look at four of my favorite T-shirts on the Internet right now.

I dare you to not look cute wearing that Fresco Tee with a pencil skirt and not totally wow your cubicle or pod or whatever tiny space you may or may not work in. It is such a fun unexpected thing to do.

NOTE: Men are not allowed to wear T-Shirts with suit jackets past the age of 15. Actually though, this is a huge peeve of mine, almost as much as flip-flops. Either wear a T-shirt or wear a suit. Either live for the Sundays or live like you walk down the red carpet. Don't try to mix the two, it is not progressive or interesting, it is dumb and makes you look like an idiot.

Alright, now that I have properly GUSHED over our new Managing Editor and made it socially acceptable to wear T-shirts to work again, let me see what you have got on today. I want to see your "going out" clothes. I want to see them now, so can you show me please?