Outfit Of The Week: Hey Hannah! (Also, It's MY Column Now So You Have To Hear About My Problems)

I'm taking the wheel now! Let's look at some fun PRINTS.
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December 20, 2013
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Not lying, I'm depressed today. One reason I could be be depressed is that our style genius, Abby's last day was on Tuesday (it could also be because I started birth control and my mind is fragile like a rainforest.)

Abby brought some glamour to xoJane and damn, girl, we are going to miss you. Was I supposed to spill the beans like that? I'm not sure, but if I wasn't, Emily will take this out and then the article will just strictly be about me being depressed. So I'll write a little more about that to get the wordage up. Anyway, this is why Outfit Of The Week is MINE now.

I'm really excited about this because want to know what gets me through depression time? Beautiful things. Nothing makes me smile like some unbridled, unapologetic beauty. I know you guys probably know this already but sweet baby Hannah is in town and yes she is one of the xoJane Original Beauty Gangsters. So this is what she is wearing on her last day here (oh, yeah, she's leaving today, too. Everybody leaves me.)

Don't you just want to bring her some hot chocolate and have her read the latest issue of Vanity Fair to you out loud? Maybe she could take you out on her sailboat on a foggy afternoon, so you both can just sit there and think?

Maybe it's because her mom gave her those boots and the sweater is vintage and "made by a grandma, or something" but this whole outfit screams LET ME SNUGGLE YOU.

Her pants are from Current/Elliot and the shirt is Hudson Bay. All classic comfortable and just the right fit for her crazy million hour bus ride back north. See you soon, Hannah!

Now on to YOU, readers.

For my inaugural "pick" of the week

Hay girl HaleyCue, you know how to get me with a sweet sweet space print. I have been really open to more and more crazy prints recently. First, please check out these BEAUTIFUL scarves from Slow Factory that use actual Hubbell space telescope images printed on their stuff. I imagine one day one of these will be MINE. Maybe under the Christmas bush this year?

Getting into crazy prints reminds me of one of my favorite collabs between Lazy Oaf and ASOS. Please look at these cartoon-inspired Bodycon dresses, I mean OBVIOUSLY, right?

You can check out the whole collection here. Some of the dresses are on sale right now, so quickly go and purchase! You NEED these!!!

How did I do, guys? It was my first run at it and I know you always have some friendly (or straight-up mean) criticism to offer up. More importantly though, I want to see what YOU are wearing this holiday weekend. Are you staying warm? Do you even need to? Is it Christmas in Hawaii? I want to know what PJs you are going to wear while you unwrap your presents in front of your sort of cute cousin from Nebraska. KIDDING.

Show me in the comments NOW PLEASE. I love you.