8 Wardrobe Staples Every Grown Woman Should Have Courtesy of My Fashion Idol, North Kardashian West

The fashion staples I'd totally steal, and have stolen (no shame), from the closet of the world's smallest fashionista — North Kardashian West.
Publish date:
March 9, 2016
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I never thought I'd be taking fashion advice from a toddler, but I'll give It Girl credit where It Girl credit is due. The first mini addition to the West family (oh heyyy, Saint) definitely inherited her parent's taste for high fashion and if there's anything she's already doing right, it's her perfect use of fashion staples.

North just getsy're it. While it takes most women until they're well into their 30's to figure out what is essential to have in their closets, NW was born knowing. She absolutely kills it in the essentials department. She rocks it all, from a classic leather jacket to a necessary athleisure, and with her amazing stank faces — she never forgets to have the right kind of attitude to match. I only wish that at the prime age of 23 that I could be as flawless.

So, as I continue to try to cop the same effortlessly chic and cool looks that she steps out in on the daily, and wait for her to become the new creative head of Balmain, I'm sharing the pieces in the mini West's closet that I pin to my "NW" Pinterest board, drool over, and have incorporated into my own personal look...or simply, my own personal look wish list. A girl can dream!

1. A Leather Jacket

Every fashion It Girl needs the perfect leather jacket. This piece gives anything from a basic white tee to a feminine dress a cool, edgy feel. Plus, it can stay in your closet forever because — rest assured – it will never go out of style. Ms. West pairs hers with an all-black-everything outfit that is to die for. I pair mine with, well, everything. (Yes, I even tried to make sweats and leather happen). If you have yet to incorporate this truly essential piece into your closet, take it from Nori and go with a sleek and classic moto cut.

2. Pastel Fur

North and I have the same favorite color: Pantone's Rose Quartz.


Look at any celebrity or blogger's Instagram account and you're likely to see at least one piece of pastel fur, but nobody does it like North with her head-to-toe pastel digs. Not only has the color become a staple for all seasons, but as little Miss West clearly understands, every fashion girl needs a bit of faux fur in their life. She just adds her amazing statement choker and she's out the door.

3. A Denim Jacket

Whether you like yours light wash or dark wash, fitted or oversized, it can't be argued that a denim jacket is noy a closet essential, and North just KNOWS. I'm guilty of taking serious notes on how she crushes the denim-on-denim look with a boyfriend fit jacket, denim shorts, classic aviators and a black tee. I'd like to think Rihanna gave her a bit of style inspiration when she was crafting this outfit.

4. A Band Tee

Whether it's your dad's old concert tee from the '70s or that oversized shirt you bought at that Destiny's Child concert in 5th grade – everyone needs a good band tee.

When deciding which one to add to her wardrobe, who else would North represent other than her daddy Ye? BRB while I order my own Yeezus tour shirt to pair with my black skirt and black Tims. Kidding, I don't have black Tims.

(BRB while I order black Tims.)

5. A Chic Sweatshirt

North is a busy toddler...I mean, have you seen the "No Pictures Please" video? I'll confess that despite my crazy schedule, I still have the laziest days where I'm tempted to wave a white flag, pull out old my high school sweatpants, and head out the door. That's why North has proved that's absolutely vital to have some key athleisure pieces in my closet to salvage my wannabe cool girl reputation. Leave it to NW to keep it chic while staying comfortable in her oversized gray sweatshirt — and rock a KILLER gold chain.

6. Fashion Sneakers + Dad Hat Combo

This. Look. Is. Everything.

North understands that sneakers aren't simply for the gym. She knows the struggle of wanting to wear cute kicks but also wanting to be really comfortable when you're on your feet all day, and that's why she incorporates classic white Converse shoes into her look. She tops it all off with a pastel pink (that color again, though) "Dad Hat", which is an accessory that has been trending everywhere — all because of Nori, naturally. (Okay, so I guess I can't confirm that but let's just go with it).

7. An Investment Bag

Certain accessories can truly transform an outfit, and if you're like me and you're looking to save up for an investment piece, a designer bag is the perfect place to start— Why? North says so. She loves her studded black YSL crossbody — because, um, how could you not?! She's inspired me to scour the web for my own perfect little bag and actually watch money go into my savings account. #thankyouNori #blessed

8. A Bomber Jacket

From its beginnings as a military staple to becoming one of the most popular looks in street style, the bomber is a true fashion staple. It works when a leather jacket is too much (rare) or a denim jacket is too light (also rare) and it is one of the key pieces I was dying to add to my 'to buy' list after seeing street style pictures of NW.

Cool and casual– she always throws her bomber over t-shirts and jeans, and she even rocks some bare feet because she's North West and she gets carried wherever she goes. QUEEN.