Normcore Probably Doesn't Even Exist But if It Does It's Really Stupid

Seeing trust-fund kids wearing clothing that would get them mistaken for a Times Square tourist really bugs me.
Publish date:
March 4, 2014
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Normcore, meaning “normal core,” is the latest trend that isn’t an actual trend. Confused? Me too.

From my understanding, it basically means dressing like Jerry Seinfeld. Not modern Seinfeld, but white sneakers and nondescript pants and shirts that could be purchased from that sad clothing section in Rite Aid. You know, like those slip-on shoes that are attached with a piece of plastic also containing the price tag that says, “$5.99.”

Your parents already wear normcore and don’t even know it. That’s how underground and cool this trend is. Buying stuff from thrift stores isn’t normcore, because that’s called “thriftcore” (I just made that up, but I’m pretty sure it’s genius). Thrift store shirts make statements, normcore doesn’t. Your American Apparel plain T-shirt isn’t normcore, because you’re trying too hard to be normal.You know what’s normcore? Jeans from Sears, those fleece zip-up vests from Ralph Lauren catalogs 10 years ago, and knock-off Adidas shower sandals (4 stripes, whaaaat?!).

It’s very similar to that “ugly” trend of pretty girls wearing ill-fitting high-waisted stone-washed jeans and a rust colored sweater from their grandmother’s closet .Nothing annoys me more than young, cute girls wearing “ugly” clothing because they’re too focused on being quirky to care what’s on the sale rack at Top Shop. I grew up having to wear “normcore” clothes, because that’s all my parents could afford. Seeing trust-fund kids wearing clothing that would get them mistaken for a Times Square tourist really bugs me.

I don’t care if you have no interest in fashion, but if you are purposely trying to fit in with homely Midwesterners, but were mocking that look less than a year ago, you are a hypocrite. Just because you’re wearing socks with mandals (man sandals) doesn’t mean you are superior for not caring about what you look like.

Normcore is also defined as abandoning your uniqueness to follow the herd. Since when is lack of individuality cool? Isn’t fashion born from unprecedented minds? Who wants to look like everyone else? Not me.

I’m not wearing crazy patterns and colors every day, but I know my own personal style. I would never abandon that to make a statement by looking like I don’t care to look cool. That doesn’t make any sense. Why wear grocery store clothes when you could wear amazing designs from Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, or even Forever 21 for that matter (don't hate, I have amazing faux-leather leggings with cat faces on the knees from F21). My favorite thing about fashion is when broke kids make the most of their clothes and turn themselves into unique creative spectacles. That’s where fashion stems from. Had all the famous designers had money to buy whatever someone else created to express their style, they may have not had the inspiration to make themselves stand apart. My roommate is constantly bringing home weird stuff from thrift stores, but always turns it into something that looks cool and unique.If you have that talent, you shouldn’t be abandoning it to feel “cool.” Normcore is basically bullsh*t. I don’t want to desert my natural need to look distinctive. I have no desire to “fit in” with everyone else to be more relatable or approachable. Nobody should discard their personal style because some blog told you that everyone is so unique that no one is unique.

Birkenstocks, khakis, and turtlenecks are fine to wear if you don’t give a crap about fashion, but wearing it to purposely lose your identity is stupid. Don’t be normal.