My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: Sofia Coppola On The Brain

Stick with my thought process here.
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October 18, 2013
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First, don't judge me because I follow Juicy Couture on Insta. OK, well you can a little. But whatever, it's my job to know fashion and beauty things from ALL over.

Anyway, I saw this picture yesterday and of course it's a Marie Antoinette reference (if a corny one) which of course made me think of the Sofia Coppola movie which of course made me think of "The Virgin Suicides" which then led to a million flashes in my brain of images that make me obsessively love Sofia's aesthetic -- both personally and in her films.

Actually just the other day I was in a drawn out Facebook comments discussion with a friend who is way OVER Sofia films and thinks they all feel too "cold and detached" which they kind of do, but in a way I totally dig. Of course the soundtracks are always amazing but the STYLE, you guys, the STYLE just slays me.

This sent me down a "Virgin Suicides" Google and YouTube spiral of photos and clips. And now I just want to dress like Lux all weekend. I've always loved a '70s schoolgirl look and this mid-October weather is just perfect for it. There are definitely some essentials I need to get to buying though.

Exhibit A: Casual Lux aka Casual Drinks Abby

Lux in a T-shirt (and from what I can best remember, a pair of flared jeans, though I couldn't find a picture of them. And if I'm wrong, that's how I'm restyling the scene in my head.) Perfect for early evening cocktails with my friends.

As soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to the Gap and buying these flared jeans because my old pair (from Sold which were awesome AND had stretch and are apparently no longer available) are completely thread-bare in places they should not be thread-bare.

And Old Navy has some great tees that don't cost a ton and I will be purchasing in every color, especially this red one.

Exhibit B: What Lux Wore To School and I Want To Wear To Brunch

This skirt from Topshop is so '70s and awesome and it needs to get in my closet STAT.

White button downs with short sleeves aren't SO much the best fit for my body. One of my 400,000 white v-neck tees will have to suffice here.

EXHIBIT C: Lux At the Dance or Abby Goes To Her Friend's Birthday Party

First, what happened to Josh Hartnett? We did a cover with him back at YM in like 2001 or 2002 with the coverline "Josh HOT-nett" and I loved it so much. But seriously, how does he support himself these days? Did he quit Hollywood?

But more importantly, that beautiful, angelic dress. Granted I will look nothing like Kirsten Dunst in anything resembling this look but that does not stop me from wanting it desperately.

I plan on hitting my favorite vintage shop in NYC, Shareen Vintage, this weekend and checking out their selections. If you're in New York (or LA where she has an even bigger space downtown), I highly recommend this place. The edit they do is INCREDIBLE and nothing is crazy expensive -- save for some of the pieces that Shareen reworks into her own collection. I often find dresses for $40-$70.

And if I could buy anything this expensive, I feel like Lux Lisbon would have really liked the spring Miu Miu collection. Can't you just see her wearing something like this in 2014?

Also, Marc Jacobs named this nail polish after Lux and now I want to wear yellow on my hands and toes.

So do you all think I'm a lunatic now because I saw one cheesy picture referencing Marie Antoinette and it got me all excited to dress like Lux Lisbon? That's how my weird brain works. What random stuff inspired your style this week? Talk to me.