My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: A Victoria's Secret Model's Flowers

Also, I might be turning into Marie from "Breaking Bad".
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November 15, 2013
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It's cold outside and I'm still in this walking boot (at least until Wednesday) and I no longer have any episodes of "Breaking Bad" to watch so it's looking like my weekend will be filled with a hell of a lot of online shopping. And so begins the weekly journey that starts with a random Instagram photo and ends with me talking about the stuff I want to buy.

Last weekend I was really into things for my not so new anymore apartment which I embarrassingly still I haven't finished decorating even though I moved in at the end of March. (Also, some shift dresses.) So before we get to this week's wants, I have to share my favorite thing I bought because it just arrived last night and I love it SO much.

My friend's boyfriend, Mike Joyce, is a graphic designer who re-imagines these vintage rock posters with a Swiss modernist twist. I'm OBSESSED. I just need to get this giant thing framed and hung up over my dresser.

And now I've gone totally off-track again. Back to those pretty purple flowers.

So on Wednesday I went to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This may not be a popular opinion around these parts but I love attending the VS show every year.

I'm not ashamed about enjoying watching my most favorite models happily dancing down the runway while live musical performances happen around them. So, yeah. That's that. TOTALLY understand why it may not be your scene or if you don't think it should exist, but I had a blast.

This year's glee could be illustrated in one perfect moment for this fashion girl with teen pop sensibilities -- and that moment starred Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss. I loved all the sparkle and the pretty and the singing. (It was "I Knew You Were Trouble" in case there's like one other Taylor fan reading this.)

While Instagramming this moment (because, obviously) I realized I wasn't following Karlie (bad, bad fashion editor). So I did and the next day came across those gorgeous flowers pictured above. The minute I saw all that indigo and purple, I knew I needed something in those shades. They actually work well on my fair skin and can feel kind of winter-y but colorful at the same time.

(This may also be a reaction to watching about 30 episodes of "Breaking Bad" in a row. AM I TURNING INTO MARIE??????)

And that, my friends, is how attending the VS Fashion Show (where I would like to note, I did NOT cut in line) led me to these finds.

We already know I love statement necklaces, but I'm also a HUGE fan of HUGE cocktail rings. I'm like a magpie drawn to all their sparkly goodness. This one is pricey but I'm adding it to my Christmas list anyway.

I need at least 5-7 scarves to get me through the winter because I tend to lose them in restaurants and cabs. Why shouldn't one of them be purple?

This hooded purple puffer seems perfect for errand running on the weekends or a trip to the gym/SoulCycle/yoga (if my stupid foot ever heals.)

And of course, every polish collection cannot be complete without some purple polish. This NARS one is my favorite because it has just the right amount of shimmer.

Is there anything purple you've been obsessed with lately? Do you think this is my weird takeaway from "Breaking Bad"? Are you mad that I like Taylor Swift and Victoria's Secret fashion shows? Did something random inspire you this week? Discuss.