My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: I Inspired Myself -- Is That Cheating?

This may have been the only picture that wasn't a Halloween costume.
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November 1, 2013
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Cotton candy and ice girls know me well!!!

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Halloween is a holiday made for Instagram. And all the feeds in the land have been filled with costumes all week.

And frankly, I'm a little costumed out. So really the only thing on my Insta that got me excited was my own photo. Is that cheating? (Also, I really just wanted you all to see how awesome that cotton candy is!)

So yesterday was my birthday and after getting the lovely present of a walking boot to wear for the next few weeks while my stress fractured foot heals, I was REALLY ready for some good food and good wine with my best girlfriends at one of my go-to Tribeca restaurants, Landmarc.

No matter how much food I shove in my mouth, there's always room for dessert -- though I'm really not much of a cake person. Enter the most perfect plate ever created for someone like me: cotton candy and a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, complete with a birthday candle for me to blow out. Because I'm obviously a 38 year old child.

I can't remember the last time I had cotton candy but it was HEAVENLY and now I want to eat it every day.

So because I ate cotton candy and because birthdays make me really nostalgic, I started thinking about aspects of my style as a little girl that I might want to bring back (in an updated way) to my wardrobe now. Yeah, my brain is super random, I know.

My mom used to dress us super preppy and I must say we were pretty cute.

First up, I NEED a monogrammed sweater. My mom used to stitch these onto our sweaters herself. I am incapable of doing tasks such as that. You should see me try something as simple as sewing on a button. It's WAY comical, and rather pathetic.

Luckily, J. Crew can do stuff like this for you at their Monogram Shop. And this place called The Monogram Studio looks like it's filled with all the preppy goodness I'm looking for.

And...turtlenecks are back, people. I couldn't be happier about this fashion turn of events. Hell, I might just wear one under a monogrammed sweater, Connecticut style. Well, maybe not that...

But the runways were all sorts of turtleneck filled too:

I want this black one on my body right now.

So much yes to this:

Do we think I can pull off a jumper like my little sister's? I think I'm going to try.

I dig this one (with a thin, layering turtleneck underneath!)

I'm not sure I can ever return to an overalls place, no matter what fashion tells me. But jumpers, YES.

So do you have any style elements that you want to bring back from your childhood? More importantly, do we think I'll ever grow up?