My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: Feeling Retro

Also, I think my wardrobe is screaming, "PLEASE ADD WHIMSY!"
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November 8, 2013
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Ah, Friday. Time to take a walk through my random thought process after spotting a picture on Instagram and see where it takes us.

Yesterday, this photo popped up in my feed. It's from a party for the second issue of Cherry Bombe. "What is Cherry Bombe?" you're probably wondering. Well, it's a really cool magazine all about celebrating women and food -- chefs, businesswomen, restaurant owners, growers, writers, or just lovers of good eats.

It was started (with a Kickstarter!) by Claudia Wu and my friend Kerry Diamond. They both used to work in the magazine business (and met at Harper's Bazaar). Kerry then went on to be a big PR whiz and open three restaurants in Brooklyn -- Seersucker, Smith Canteen, and Nightingale 9. The first issue was gorgeously photographed and filled with really interesting stories and great writing. I can't wait to receive the second, and I highly suggest checking it out.

But back to this picture that shows the second cover, featuring Erin McKenna, the founder of the vegan bakery, Babycakes and some adorable treats from said bakery.

I love the Erin's pink shift dress, the retro turquoise oven, and the adorableness of the heart-shaped baked goods. This made me think that I really need some shift dresses and some GD whimsy in my closet. There's not enough retro fun and whimsy!!! I also think the lovely Emily is rubbing off on me in a good way. That girl knows how to find the fun in fashion -- hello, cupcake dress!

So I'm thanking Cherry Bombe (and Emily) for lifting the spirits of my wardrobe.

Behold my new shopping list:

Let's ease into playful with a stripe and a neck bow:

And now for some color:

If I were going to go full whimsical print with unlimited funds, I'd buy whatever Miuccia Prada was selling, like this dress that opened her Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Alas, that's not happening (at least this season). Though it's not as fun as this face, but I AM digging the spirit of this Nanette Lepore:

And I think I'll top it all off with those fun heart-shaped sunnies that Allison found recently.

If I lighten up sartorially, I'm hoping it will help combat the winter blues setting in now that it's pretty much dark at 4:30 pm.

What's your most whimsical fashion purchase ever? Did anything inspire you to buy something outside your comfort zone this week?