My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week: Color Me Pretty

I vow not to wear black and navy and gray all winter.
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October 25, 2013
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It got officially cold this week in New York City. Well, not cold so much as chilly. Even though it's the end of October everyone seemed shocked and unprepared -- probably because climate change had temps in the 70s just last week. But winter is coming.

I wear a lot of black (and navy and gray) during the winter months. I live in NYC and work in fashion so this is not necessarily odd...or bad. But it can get a wee bit boring. This is especially true when it gets really cold outside. As it gets colder, I become less and less motivated to pull together cute outfits. And that is a bad thing.

And all the color is drained from my wardrobe. I seriously own like one emerald green dress that is winter-appropriate.

When I was cruising Instagram this week (thanks, Explore functionality) I found this really gorgeous shot. I think it's for a company that makes what looks to be a pretty cool app that enhances your photos to look like that. Regardless, the palette is amazing and got me thinking about my winter wardrobe and how to color it up.

The runway did not disagree with me during the Fall/Winter 2013 shows:

I love the idea of working color in in different ways: a top or jacket, a simple skirt, and a one shade dress. And while I'd love to buy each of these designer pieces, that's definitely not happening unless Jane gives me a major raise, or I win the lottery.

Luckily there are super chic options at lots of price points like this great pencil skirt for only $25 that comes in a range of shades including purple. And these super inexpensive ($9.99!) and colorful layering pieces.

I have one electric blue top and get tons of compliments when I wear it, which is why I'm highly considering ordering this dress. You could definitely toughen it up with a wide black belt too.

Also, if anyone wants to buy me this bag, I'd happily use it to brighten up my every single day.

So that's that. I WILL wear color this winter. And luckily I have you guys to hold me accountable since I'll have to take pictures of said outfits and share them with you.

What's your winter uniform? Do you lose all your color too? Or how do you work it in?