I Found a GREAT Knockoff of My $400 Miu Miu Shades -- for a Measly 38 Bucks!

Why pay more? Specifically, why pay $357.00 more?
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August 8, 2013
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Last year around my birthday, I pooled all the money I could scrounge from various unsuspecting sources (parents, boyfriend, couch cushions, my college change bucket) and bought myself the most beautiful pair of sunglasses ever to exist. They are red. They are glittery. They are cat-like.

They are made by Miu Miu, and they are straight magic. They're also my prize pig accessory. I cart them around in the case they came in and every damn thing. Usually I cram whatever shades I'm wearing into the bottom of my bag, where they meet a terrible scratched lens death. If a train were coming and I could save my dude or my Miu Mius, I'd have to do a little fast soul searching.

There's only one drawback. The damn things were over FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. I cringe as I type that, but they are a true thing of beauty. They originally came in pink glitter too -- if I had a spare body part to sell for them, I would have bought them too. Now they aren't available anymore. (You can still find them from random resellers, but I always wonder if they are fakes.)

You can still buy the Miu Miu shades in red like mine if you want, but I recently found a pretty stellar knockoff of them, and if I had seen the cheaper ones first, I might not have dropped the four hunsky on the real deal! Grrrrr. Live and learn.

Faux Miu Mius by alison-freer featuring a retro eyewear

The wire arms! The wire nosepiece! The slightly cat-eye shape! The only thing that's missing is the glitter. Oh -- and the price tag is missing about $357.00. I am going to snap up a black pair immediately. Is it too much to hope that Spitfire Design (the company who made this fabulous knockoff) would dare to make them in glitter next time??

Knockoffs are a tricky thing -- they are a nasty fact of life for fashion designers, but it's also a nasty fact of life that very few people can afford a $400 pair of sunglasses. I probably won't be able to afford another pair for many, many years. Does that mean I shouldn't be allowed to have great style in the meantime?

And who can keep track of what's a knockoff of what? I'm pretty firmly in the $20.00 -- $50.00 price point when it comes to everyday fashion purchases -- with a few exceptions, obviously! So I have to assume that a large portion of those inexpensive items aren't exactly based on totally original ideas.

But how would I really know? For example, I'm sure these $23.00 ASOS sunnies I'm lusting over (I mean that I just bought while writing this) have GOT to be a knockoff of something. But what? Should I not buy them unless I know? (Whoops, too late.)

Bug & Flower Shades, from ASOS by alison-freer featuring rhinestone sunglasses

I'm interested in your opinions on knockoffs. Are they ever acceptable? Or are they an abomination in your book? I think I might still get those black Spitfire Design shades -- no matter what you say!

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