Get In, Loser -- We're Going Shopping! (Are You Ready For A 'Mean Girls' Jewelry Line?)

Do you even go to this school?
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January 9, 2014
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Last year, I worked with a 16-year-old actress who thought she was a budding mean girl. (Don't bother Googling, you'll never figure out who it was.) At first I thought she was only awful to her mom. During every fitting, her mother would sit on a stool in the dressing room, holding her daughter's iced latte. When the child wanted a drink, she would yell "DRINK!" and her mom would scurry over to stick the straw into her mouth. Um, OK.

But then I realized she was totally trying to mean-girl me, too! I laughed a big ol' hearty belly laugh (but inside, where nobody could see) and decided to get right down to business. I mean, come on -- I was mean-girling when that little girl was in diapers.

Yes, that's my very own hot pink vintage VW convertible that I convinced my dad to let me buy in high school because it matched my lipstick. Regina George may be the original mean girl, with two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus, but I was hot on her trail.

I'm not particularly proud of being an adult giving a kid a taste of their own medicine, but I don't know if you've hung out with any 16 year-old girls lately -- they are a force to be reckoned with. There's a reason the movie "Mean Girls" has seeped into our very fiber for a reason -- it's basically real life!

All this mean girl talk is just an excuse to tell you some pretty marvelous news -- in honor of the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, (yes, it's been 10 YEARS this April) Los Angeles-based jeweler Stella & Bow is releasing a Mean Girls themed line of bracelets, necklaces and hair clips, all as an homage to the greatest story ever told.

A low, shiny ponytail held in place with this gleaming golden hair clip is the perfect way to let the whole school know which of you is the girl with the most cake.

It's amazing that Mean Girls has held up as well as it has, and for as long as it has. Amazing, but not surprising. It's full of insanely quotable lines that can be used in everyday life endlessly -- and I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a room as an adult and wondered if the assembled women were going to be mean to me. Mean Girls called the current avalanche of bullying in schools by a decade.

This bracelet is, of course, the ‪pièce de résistance‬ of the whole line:

It will be making its way into my hot little hands by any means necessary. Purchase, bribery or intimidation -- the choice is really yours, Stella & Bow. You've been warned.

These alphabet bracelets are my second favorite things in the whole line -- but if you are feeling poor, grab a pal, order a 400-pack of letter beads, Netflix Mean Girls, and make your own.

If you can't decide what to get, why not spring for this set of "Best Bitches" friendship necklaces?

You can't get your mitts on these pieces from Stella & Dot until February 12th, but the presale is on right now. Don't delay -- because I guarantee you, the thing you want is going to sell out.

Also, WAIT. Don't you think that capsule wardrobe article from yesterday was xoJane's way of saying to me,"You can't sit with us!"? I mean, did they not see this? And my hair is totally full of secrets, bitches.

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