I Paid $58.00 For This Dumb Plastic Ring And I'm Not Sorry

Wait, it's actually made of resin. And I'm a fashion FAILURE.
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November 14, 2013
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I was supposed to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M pre-shopping event on Tuesday night here in Los Angeles and, I guess, report back to you guys about it? Yup, the very same event Abby bravely battled through in NYC. (The line officially goes on sale today -- the H&M in Times Square opened at 12:01 am this morning -- with Lady Gaga on hand to cut a ceremonial ribbon! H&M knows how to hype themselves, I'll give 'em that.)

When I first got the invite, I was all, "Awwww, hell yeah! I'm so chic, so very in the know -- and people totes want me at their events."

(Listen, I'm a dork from Texas. I will forever be a wide-eyed country mouse, impressed by fancy happenings in the big city of dreams.)

But then the whole thing started to seem so very far away (I live near downtown and the event was all the way in West Hollywood) and a huge hassle to get to in 5:00 traffic, so I decided to bail like the huge LA flake that I am. TOTAL FASHION FAILURE.

I'd earmarked a little bit of cash to buy myself something at the event, so I swung by the brand new, beautiful Nordstrom that I shop at for work. Going there is 100% drama free at all times, seeing as how I have a lifetime free valet parking card -- one of the perks of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of other people's money every single year, year after year.

My plan was to splurge on something simple, a new lipstick or a scarf, perhaps? (Since it was almost 80 degrees yesterday in LA and all.) However, I ended up wandering through the jewelry department and laid eyes upon this ridiculous plastic cat ring that changes as you move it around. (Remember those crazy "flicker" stickers from middle school? No? Well, this ring is just like those!)

I think the only way to explain what I mean is with this inane video I made. (It's only 8 seconds long, so don't trip, potato chip.)

Of course the TV is blaring HGTV's House Hunters in the background with some insufferable fools chattering on about how they can't manage to find a home with space for their 72" TV or 800 bottles of wine. (We play a drinking game in my house where you have to take a slug of your cocktail every time someone says "granite," "open concept," or talks about "entertaining.")

The ring is quite ridiculous, obviously -- made by Marc Jacobs and costing $58.00. For a plastic ring! With a psychedelic, lenticular cat on it. Surrounded by rhinestones. But what a purchase. I did, obviously, buy the dumb thing.

And I'm not sorry one bit. Say what you will about Marc Jacobs, but everything I've ever splurged on that he has designed has lasted. It's held up and been of very high quality -- even if it was just a dumb plastic ring. I get sick of buying cheap plastic rhinestone jewelry and having the stones fall out immediately. I feel like I've bought a dozen $13.00 rings with cheap, cruddy rhinestones -- just to trash them when they fell apart. That's $156.00 when I could have cut to the chase and bought this one cute, quality ring for basically 1/3 of the price!

If you are more of a dog lover, this ultra-classy ring comes canine style too:

After I bought myself this delightful pick-me-up, I went and met my pals for sushi, sake and karaoke. (The total opposite of an hours-long line, fists of fury over sweaters and cone-heeled fringed booties, and possible personal injury due to overzealous shopaholics.) My pal who DID attend the LA pre-shop event reported much of the same mania as Abby experienced -- but with a little less NYC class. (LA babes are looking out for #1, always.)

Even at $58.00, I spent $100 less than I had planned. And still had money left over for dinner! Skipping something so "fashionable" was never so much fun. (But I'm still pretty jealous Abby got that skirt.)

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