We Have Some Thoughts For You, Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Edition

Sadly, we're not in France. But we're still dissecting all the runway looks.
Publish date:
October 3, 2013
Louis Vuitton, marc jacobs, Paris Fashion Week SS 2014

C'est fini for another season in Paris...and for Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton. The designer is leaving the French house to focus solely on his own company and it sounds like there's an IPO in the works. Major. Honestly, I feel sorry for whoever takes over for MJ at the iconic house which he turned into a fashion player again while he was there.

Obviously he was going to go dramatic for his last show in France. All of the clothing was black, save for some blue denim which I'll get to later. And each model came down the runway with a head piece designed by Stephen Jones and worthy of any Cher public appearance. Marc even signed the show notes: "To the showgirl in all of us." Even the Stephen Sprouse LV logo took a final bow.

Behold this, one of my favorite looks:

I own approximately 30+ pairs of jeans. They don't all fit anymore but I stack them in my closet nonetheless. I LOVE DENIM. And I love seeing it on the runway in Paris. This look (minus the ostrich feathers) feels really street style inspired and that's super cool. It's easy to recreate with a boxy cut jacket and your own jeans. Totally your call on the midriff baring. And there are more flats! Durable, cool, '90s-looking boots! Hooray!

What did the rest of the crew have to say?


"The headdresses are the only thing I like and would be down to wear."

HELENA: "Cher probably already has the opening look in her closet."

MARIANNE: "I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. I love the smashup of the fancy showgirl head pieces and heavily embellished elements. I love the slightly cropped length of the jacket -- though I would wear a shirt underneath. And those jeans look butch and that makes me hot."

KATE: "I dig the kinda butch straight leg cut of those jeans."

s.e.: "I'm sorry, I can't hear you through the cultural appropriation."