Five Reasons I'm Super Excited About Louis Vuitton's New Designer...And You Should Be Too

Even if you can never buy an LV piece (you know, like most of us)

This morning the fashion world got all sorts of excited with the official announcement from Louis Vuitton that former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière will replace the departing Marc Jacobs as artistic director.

You may be thinking, "So what, I can't even begin to afford anything from Louis Vuitton." I get it. I can't either. But I swear this is such fabulous news for anyone who just likes to observe fashion and artistry and drama of the sartorial kind.

Plus, there's the whole trend trickle down -- though I swear I'm not giving some sort of xoJane version of the brilliantly-delivered by Meryl "cerulean blue" speech from "The Devil Wears Prada".

But let's take a break and watch it again just for fun!

Okay, but seriously it was going to be hard to replace Marc Jacobs (who left to focus solely on his on collections). He revitalized the house. But Nicolas Ghesquière is the perfect choice and here's why I'm psyched:


The first thing many people think of when they hear the words "Louis Vuitton" is bags. And what Marc did with those famous bags really helped put LV back on the modern fashion map (and made them TONS of money.)

Stephen Sprouse collab, anyone?

Or perhaps the Takashi Murakami was more your thing?

Ghesquière gave really good bag at Balenciaga too. I longed for a Lariat bag way back in 2001...and now, and always. Fun fact: According to the designer, the bag almost didn't get produced because the corporate types felt it wasn't rigid enough and looked too vintage. But he convinced them to make at least 25 to give to the models...and an "It" bag was born.

I like a man who stands by his creations.

If he continues the artist collaboration trend at Vuitton, it's sure to be super modern and interesting. Who will he pick for the first one????


Cristobal Balenciaga was known for his sculptural designs. He broadened shoulders, dropped waistlines (hello tunics!), and valued construction. Nicolas Ghesquière brought that history to the house with a modern, edgy, cool girl vibe when he took over as designer in 1997 -- he was only 25.

Since he left in the fall of 2012, there's been something missing at Paris Fashion Week. Stuff like this:

Now of course, Louis Vuitton is not going to start looking like Balenciaga. But it will be so fun to watch his spin on the aesthetic.


I have lived for fashion ad campaigns since I was a little girl in Indiana flipping through every magazine I could get my hands on. They are a major reason I fell in love with photography. (Now if only I could just TAKE really good pictures. Alas...)

Some designers just get it in a way that you can't quantify. Marc and Nicolas are two such designers.

While I may not be able to buy what they're selling, I can sure enjoy looking at the art they create with it. I'm positive Louis Vuitton's latest artistic director will bring some of this to his new place of business:


Any man that can create something this cool and whimsical is not to be ignored. I. Can't. WAIT. to see what he does with LV accessories.


I'm kind of not kidding. I have a real soft spot for Kristen Stewart. I feel protective of her like she's my little sister or something and always feel the need to defend her social awkwardness to my friends and/or random people on Twitter. And no, I've never met the girl so yes, you can find me creepy/weird. That's cool.

Kristen wore LOADS of Nicolas' Balenciaga designs on the red carpet. They were (and by all accounts still are) fashion buddies. And she's still got a fragrance campaign with the brand. She's even said of his pieces, "I've felt the happiest I've ever felt wearing these clothes."

So no doubt she's thrilled her boy is back in the design game and I'm sure we'll see her at his first Paris LV show in March -- hopefully looking like this -- but in Vuitton, bien sur. Because I just want her to be happy.

And I'm sure the rest of Ghesquière's cool girl celeb fan base will follow suit.

Who else is excited to see what the new era brings at Louis Vuitton? I think it's going to be pretty dang inspirational.