Let’s Talk About Timberland Boots – Tims If Ya Nasty

The brand’s new vibe is super outdoors-y chill, and less JLO in her “Jenny From the Block” music video.
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May 15, 2015
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I have big feet. Like, really big. Like, fee-fi-fo-fum, my footsteps echo through time and space, big. They’re a size 11, and I think my European shoe size is a 54738564 or something equally upsetting.

If you also have large, narrow feet, you understand that the quest for shoes is a long and anti-climactic one. When the sun and moon align and I do find a pair of shoes that fit, I buy them and wear them out until the soles are threadbare, and add that brand to the short list of labels that won’t let me down.

Remember my holiday style article from last year? A few of you were surprised to find out that the slightly rugged brown leather booties I endlessly raved about were Timberland boots (Tims if ya nasty) – a fact that still shocks most people who casually compliment them. When you think of Timberland, those wheat nubuck colored work-boots instantly come to mind, right? One of my most distinct sartorial memories of the early aughts is the UGG vs. Tims rivalry.

Well, my beloved brand and secret footwear weapon has expanded and implemented a bit of an image overhaul. Timberland makes boat shoes, wedges, sandals, clothes, and even watches now. The new vibe is super outdoors-y chill, and less JLO in her “Jenny From the Block” music video. I felt like I had transported to an alternate universe while scrolling through the Timberland website and Instagram (in a good way).

Women’s Savin Hill 3-Eye Leather Ankle Boot, $99.99

As with any label, it’s refreshing to see some change and expansion. However, let’s not forget the classic style that made this brand worthy of a nickname.

I first noticed a massive resurgence in the classic work boot during fashion week, while bloggers ran laps around Lincoln Center, dying to be photographed. Pinterest and Tumblr girls couldn’t get enough rugged style for their Polyvore flatlays, pairing. Then, celebrities started pulling out wheat Tims from the back of their closets. Jay Z, Ciara, Kylie (I know a lot of you hate her but whatever, she is life), Beyoncé… the list goes on. Once Rihanna was spotted both on the street and on her Snapchat wearing Timberland boots, I knew it was official – this wasn’t a fluke, we had reached trend revival territory.

Yes, it is possible for an item to be both a trend and a classic – usually a sign that an item is worth dropping a few coins for. Basically, those who have been wearing Tims will continue to wear them, and everyone else who’s been sleeping on Tims will get on board.

My current spring-transitioning-into-summer uniform is minimal and breezy, casual effortless-but-I-actually-tried-kind-of-hard hot. Think gray denim shorts, a flowing white tank, black bralette, and gold arm cuff – all casually accented with my bomb neutral colored Tims. You can customize a pair of 6-inch Waterproof Boots to get this shade.

Women’s 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots, $180

Kylie wore an identical pair during Coachella, and also tied the wiry laces around her ankles. She obviously copied me. Like I mentioned early, I usually wear out my shoes in no time at all due to frequent wear, but these are beyond durable. They’re also probably the only boot capable of being worn year-round.

I get that a lot of people think Timberland boots went out of style or whatever, but honestly… they didn’t. I can’t even title this article “Tims are back wahoo!” because they never left the hood. Well, my hood at least. In my opinion, these boots are as iconic and essential as a pair of Jordans.

Disclaimer: Commenters always yell at me when they suspect an advertorial / sponsored post, so let me make something very clear: Timberland did not pay, bribe, or bully me into writing about their shoes. They also did not pay, bribe, or bully me into wearing them. I just genuinely get starry-eyed over their shit and may or may not have begged them for free shoes. Okay, I totally went out of my way to beg. Seriously, when I love something, I have to tell the world, and ultimately all of you. I can’t get enough of this brand, or this pair of Timberland boots in particular, haters be damned.

How many of you guys have a pair of Tims hiding in the back of your closet? Are you ready to bring them out for spring?

Oh, and here’s another picture of me for posterity – come on, I look banging.

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