Let's Not Make “Babycore” Happen

Yes, that’s right, Babycore is all about adults embracing BABY FASHION.
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January 27, 2015
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Normcore’s time has come and gone, and health goths still cling desperately to relevancy, but but ready your body because Babycore is the new hotness, and it is going to slay every preconceived notion you had of what you should be wearing. Refinery29 reports on this dubious “trend” as artist Matt Starr’s desire to push the boundaries of our ceaseless obsession with nostalgia. In an interview with Paper Magazine, he says that “There’s a playful, laid back and comfortable aesthetic to baby clothes that most adult clothing brands don’t offer.” Yes, that’s right, Babycore is all about adults embracing BABY FASHION.

I do not understand the appeal of looking like a giant baby, though I do get the human instinctive need for comfort. It’s nice to wear clothes that are actually pleasurable to wear. But dressing for comfort isn’t precisely a new thing. If you’ve spent any time paging through a fashion mag, or idly online shopping during your lunch break, you will find that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting piles of discount fashion sweats.

This has been happening for a while, guys, and you can either embrace the onslaught of soft jersey fabrics and fleece leggings or cling tightly to your Spanx and pants with a waistband. Your call, not mine. But there’s a way to dress comfortably without completely regressing to the clothes you wore as a small child. Overalls paired with a heart-print turtleneck is a look that works for Alexa Chung and your friend’s kid who isn’t potty-trained yet. Wear things because they are comfortable, or because they look good on you, or because you really, really like them, but don’t be an idiot and take your nephew’s Gymboree onesie to the tailor and ask him to make you a grown-up one. Being an adult means that you are finally free from the tyranny of wearing whatever it is your mom put you in when you were a toddler. Embrace that freedom. Reject Babycore.

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