My Leather Jacket Obsession Might Be Out Of Control -- You Tell Me

I've yet to find a style that I don't want to immediately buy.
Publish date:
November 11, 2013
leather jackets, I Heart Ronson, Zadig and Voltaire

I have a confession: I LOVE leather jackets. It’s a deep-rooted and long-lasting love that has spanned the course of a decade.

My mother is to blame for the obsession as she is quite possibly the Queen of Leather. From a Céline (during the Michael Kors years) bomber to badass studded pieces, she makes my burgeoning collection look pretty wimpy by comparison.

From Simple moto-inspired versions to candy-colored styles to faux leather ones I can’t zip anymore from my high school years: I can’t say no to any jacket past, present, or future if it’s crafted from leather.

This piece is one I wear when I want to make a bold statement because of its color. I frequent Columbus Circle and couldn’t resist seeing this baby in the Bebe window (yes, I said Bebe), so I immediately ran in and bought it.

It’s wholly impractical with its three quarter-length sleeves and cropped silhouette which doesn’t cover a thing, but it’s so much fun for a night out or an unusually warm fall/winter day when you can pull off wearing a fake jacket for purely aesthetic reasons.

It’s gotten to the point where I can no longer count the number of leather jackets I have on both hands -- and I’m not planning to stop buying them any time soon. Lucky for me, a good leather jacket is always in style, but I’m going to need more closet space for this endeavor. This is okay, right? Tell me it is, please.

They’re just such easy wardrobe additions and give even the simplest look an edge that pulls the entire look together. Here's a jacket I have named -- my jackets have nicknames -- “Amelia Earhart”, because of its pilot vibe.

It came with a fur collar that I lost ages ago, but I like the flattering silhouette and earthy color. I definitely veer toward black pieces whenever possible (as most New Yorkers do), but this grabbed my attention and I couldn’t resist. I picked it up during one of my Loehmann’s binges years ago -- another habit for which I have my stylish mother to thank!

Despite the already solid selection I can choose from on a daily basis, I regularly see new leather jackets that send me into a sartorial tizzy. This Fausto Puglisi Fur and Quilted Leather Xiangao Jacket is the piece of my leather-covered dreams, though I’d have to start selling eggs to purchase it. (It's over $8000!)

I'm a fan of a little bit of flash sometimes and this patent style from Zadig & Voltaire’s Fall 2013 runway show is something I would push a woman out of the way for at a sample sale.

I’d prefer to pay my rent on time so those first two serve mostly as inspiration but This I Heart Ronson Quilted Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket (currently on sale for $49.99) is a great way to be on trend for the season without going broke/into serious debt. I especially love the quilting and the zipper details.

I also really love the sporty feel of this BB Dakota Tracie Jacket. It’s affordable at just $80 and you can’t beat its functionality.

For the rest of fall, I plan on getting the most wear out of my Surface To Air studded asymmetrical jacket. I got it for a steal on Gilt some time ago and it hasn’t received nearly enough love in my wardrobe as I originally imagined.

I'm now publicly committing to wearing it at least five times before I buy another leather jacket…next month. Wearing it at home on the couch counts doesn’t it?

Are there other leather jacket lovers out there like me? What’s your favorite one this season? Tell me so I can buy it!