I'm All Grown Up And I Lost My Beanie, So Brimmed Hats Are It!

Time to get old, chickens. Let's have a structured headwear moment.
Publish date:
November 15, 2013
shoppables, growing up, hats, staying warm, olivia pope, Clyde, BCBG

I'm not really a "fan" of going outside. Sometimes though, when I do have to go outside, it can be really fun. I like being outside in the winter, because you have something to fight against, and boy do I love a struggle.

A while ago I wrote about the mysterious nature of hats. How I can’t pull them off, etc. That was a bit of a lie because I have one black beanie that I totally love and makes me look really cool -- which I LOST in the recesses of the xoJane desk area. It is actually the worst. My head is so cold and I’m sick but I have to come to work because I am the toothpaste that holds this operation together.

So, I've decided to have a moment with some hats with brims. I may have grown out of the beanie. It is time to think about my headwear and really GO FOR IT.

First, we have this traditional pinch hat. I love these hats the best. They are just so casually elegant. I could probably sit with a large scarf, leather gloves and a cape and sip an espresso and solve all of the mysteries of the world from a Parisian fountain. Or something. See below for the deadly sex-stare.

I’m wearing a hat by a super-luxe accessories company called Clyde. Angora head love, thanks. You could also buy this one if you are into feeling a little, well, pinched.

Next up is something a little more fun. I call this the summer camp hat. You actually can’t buy this one anymore. (Haha, sorry! Not sorry.) It is also Clyde. I just wanted to show this to you. Honestly, I'm a bit of a showoff and I like showing you all things that I see because I'm an attention whore on the Internet and a hermit IRL.

Look at this though, pretty cool eh?

You KNOW who I am channeling in this one. You KNOW who was named after me and my badassness. You know right? Get me? Do you need a hint?

Okay, okay. Get over the fact I’m in white, who cares, I’m human and I rarely wear white or colors or anything. This BCBG MAXAZRIA hat, though, is really scary and intimidating. There is something about wearing the “white hat” that is extremely sexy (that something is Olivia Pope). Especially if you are not looking to save any lives/political careers/romantic relationships.

Unfortunately, this style is not available until December; however they have a few other amazing hats for the season, particularly this one, that I couldn't try on because I am nobody.

So apparently I still can’t really resist this style. I found this amazing baggy beanie at my homegirl Jess’s store, The Joinery (she doesn’t actually own it, but the store reeks of her because she is one of the buyers). I went to go visit her because I was having some relationship issues (which are really just insecurity issues), and I waltzed around this lovely store that personifies what I want my 30s to look like.

So that is my first foray into hats. I want to get crazier though, I’m looking outward. I want to reach new hat brim horizons. I’ll probably need your help, but are you up for the challenge? Show me all your hats in the comments. I’m just starting this love affair and I need something for the spank-bank.