I'd Start A Savings Account For This: The Row Cable Knit Blouson Sweater

The girls really got it right with this one.

Somebody told me the other day that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did not initially want to have their name associated with The Row. They were still planning on designing all of the clothes, but they just didn’t want to be the face of the brand. Apparently, some last minute factor made them change their minds.

I imagine that they saw their first collection when it was done and they looked at each other (ie. themselves) and were like “Damn, we’re good. People should know how good we are at this.”

I mean, if I made a collection that looked like that, I’d want my name on it too.

I would easily wear everything in every collection The Row has shown since it’s birth in 2010. The line has a very wearable New Americana feel. Their clothes are subdued casual while still being unique and interesting. You can wear these clothes to coffee with a friend and probably get away with the outfit at a cocktail party later in the day. Everybody loves a twofer, I know I do.

When I saw their Cable-Knit Blouson Sweater I pretty much choked. The sweater is the King Of Sweaters. It just looks like the ruling class. The cashmere and wool blended (SWOON) sweater looks like it weighs about as much as a doberman and in that regard will keep you warm through the ugliest most oppressive snow storms. When you are a small woman, you need all the insulation you can get. The Olsens get that, obviously.

Also, can we talk about those SLEEVES? Beautiful blouson sleeves that really make the sweater more than just your average cable-knit situation. You think you are just up for a boring ol’ winter sweater and what you get is a the warmth and luxury of an albino bearskin rug in front of a six foot fireplace. I’ll take that life, thanks.

Okay, so now for the bad news. This sweater retails for a little more than 4k. DON’T BE MAD GUYS I KNOW I GOT YOUR HOPES UP BUT LET'S JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND. This sweater is really special. I know somebody who has actually held it and she said it is actually as heavy as two dobermans, or something. I mean that much sweater is worth it, I’m pretty sure.

Actually, I’ll rephrase: It’s worth it TO ME.

I have been in love with this sweater since the first time I saw it in the runway show that looked like it was being held in somebody’s private home. (Which I think it was maybe? I mean I would let them have a runway show in my home, so it’s not a completely insane thought.) So yeah, price is not object with this one.

Am I going to go out and buy it right now? No. No I am not. So don’t rub it in, commenters. Let’s just love beauty. Or don’t love it, that’s fine too. Just for my sake, don’t crucify this sweater because of its price tag. Sometimes (NOT ALWAYS) luxury is expensive. Good design and craftsmanship however, is priceless.

Now, that’s an ending if I’ve ever written one. Bye.