I’d Start a Savings Account For: The Entire Vivetta Spring 2014 Collection

I seldom find clothing I love, but I want everything in this new line NOW.
Publish date:
February 25, 2014
I'd Start A Savings Account For This, Vivetta, Shopping woes

I’m a pretty picky shopper. I usually have a hard time finding items that match the magic in my imagination, and and when I do find them, I almost always buy them. Then I discovered Vivetta, a line so perfect that I can safely say I would buy and wear every single item they’ve ever made.

Vivetta first captured my attention with their cat skirts last Spring. I came across them on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. Every new season since, I’ve become more and more enchanted. The Spring 2014 collectiontook things to a whole new level of swoony, though.

Polka dots and pastel gingham, iridescent shorts and full skirts, massive hair bows in fabrics that perfectly match the clothing—what is this, a line created by angels? Everything about each piece is totally perfect, from the baby blue floral brocade to the delicate off-white pointed kitten heels with ankle straps. Excuse me while I fetch my smelling salts please, I’m just about ready to faint!

Sadly, Vivetta’s prices are a bit out of my budget (at least for the moment). I suppose all I can do for now is flip through the lookbook incessantly and eagerly await the arrival of select pieces to Vivetta’s magical discounted “cleaning sales” section, It's quite possibly the best kept secret in the shopping world.

What brands are you constantly swooning about? What clothing you buy if the price didn't matter?