I love fashion shows! I love how they all walk so quickly and pretty and fun!
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January 22, 2014
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I’m pretty jetlagged from flying back from Paris last night but I just had to come and tell you about my newest obsession. Actually, it’s everybody’s new favorite. Honestly, everybody has covered this already. Double honestly, I was never in Paris at Couture Fashion Week. I watched my new favorite TV show "True Detective" last night with my sick (as in ill) roommate. I was nowhere near any catwalks or french people. I was swiping through all of the show photos on my phone. To me, this is glamourous. This is just where I am in my life.

Whatever, I doubt you progressive cats really care about couture week, but you should because beauty abounds and frankly the trickle down effect of all fashion shows is actually quite interesting (see: the color blue and "Devil Wears Prada.") I actually predict that this year it will be particularly trickley downey because Chanel totally gave everybody the finger by showing their entire collection with SNEAKERS. I mean they are definitely YOLOing over there. I guess they always have, but right now it is even more fun than ever.


They are made by the fine cobblers (is that what it is called when you are SO fancy?) at Massaro who made the Chanel shoe. As usual, if you don’t know what I mean by THE CHANEL SHOE you can Google it yourself. Anyway, you can see more Massaro in this really awesome Coveteur video.

Can we talk about how fun this is though? I know everybody has their beef with fashion world, but can we just all agree that these sneakers are pretty rad? I mean, look at the silvery laces! The sneaker itself is even a bit see-through, but not so much that you have to get a pedicure. These are like stained glass for your feet.

Oh, did you forget they are SNEAKERS? I think this is just so funny and fun.The clothes of the collection are obviously amazing but I think that these sneakers are the silent assassins of the collection. Did I mention, they also showed quilted fanny packs? I feel like they really dropped the mic on this one. Maybe I’m just easily impressed. That is a nice sort of life to lead once in a while.

Want to see something else?

Yep. Main man Thom Browne just creating the dark beautiful haunted world I wish I lived inside. You all know how much I heart Thom Browne but I just wanted to impress upon you why you should love him too. I mean MICHELLE OBAMA wears his clothes, isn’t that enough for you?!

Anyhoo, these hats are hands down magical. They were designed with milliner/wizard Stephen Jones who also makes hats for Comme des Garçons, John Galliano, Dior and Christ Himself. Truly, these are things that first dates are made of. Do you follow?

OK, I’ve gotten very off topic, but I just want to share everything beautiful that I see with you! Why don't you ever share with me? Have you followed the couture or menswear shows? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments! I love seeing beautiful things.

UPDATE: Valentino is starting RIGHT NOW. Do you want to hear about that one as well? It is very good so far...