I Snooped Inside People’s Handbags at Fashion Week and This Is What I Found

I dove into the handbags of everyone from a Real Housewife of Atlanta to fame-hungry bloggers to editors to camera-shy interns.
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
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It’s over; it’s finally over — yesterday was the last day of a caffeine- and energy bar-fueled Fashion Week in New York.

I’m currently alternating between wiping off my elaborate smoky eye, swiping through the final backstage Instagrams at Calvin Klein Collection, typing a review, and working on this intro.

This Fashion Week was all about multitasking for me — and everyone else in the industry. I attended 20 shows (I was invited to 46), and now I’m finally free to do things like, oh, I don’t know — sleep!

No, I have not slept more than five hours since last Thursday. No, I can no longer tell up from down.

Despite burning up my MetroCard traveling between Lincoln Center, Chelsea Piers, and Brooklyn for shows, presentations, and events in sub-zero temperatures, I’ve experienced the adrenaline rush that only New York Fashion Week can bring: satisfying, exciting, well-dressed adrenaline.

A full morning-to-evening schedule of shows kept me plenty busy, but I still wanted more — I dove into the handbags of everyone, from a Real Housewife of Atlanta to fame-hungry bloggers to photographers to editors to camera-shy interns, for good measure. (My nosiness knows no boundaries.) It doesn’t help that I assume anyone who engages in more than three minutes of polite conversation with me is my friend, and that they will be willing to share personal information, like why they have Spanx in their purse or where they got a particular shade of lipstick.

Choosing your essentials for Fashion Week is a tricky game of practicality and style — after all, you need to keep your game face on for the show outside the show: crowds of snap-happy street style photographers, and all of your peers and competitors.

Take a peek below at all the must-have beauty products, wallets, and random crap industry insiders carried around the last seven days.

Music: "Pavement" by Drum & Lace.