I Love Raw Emotion And Pretty Dresses: Thus, A Few Grammy Red Carpet Faves

Oh, and the theme of the night was Goth.
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January 27, 2014
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Things I Will Not Discuss In This Article

1. Pharrell’s Hat.

2. Taylor Swift’s Head.

3. Mackelmarriage….like, at all.

4. The two living Beatles.

5. Beyonce (haha, just kidding)

I am a very big fan of awards season. So. Sue. Me. I love to see what people are wearing. I love to live-tweet with my favorite media folks. I love to talk about the triumphs and failures of all our celebrity BFFs. I also love to see sheer emotion. I LOVE EMOTION. One of the major reasons I love awards seasons is that even though the intellectual part of my brain knows that like 85% of the emotions I am seeing are probably very rehearsed and everybody knows when they are going to win, the mushy not-so-smart side of my brain is literally weeping because OH MY GOD THIS IS HER FIRST WIN AND SHE IS ONLY 17.

Which brings me to my #1 Grammy darling and potential new roommate: Lorde.

Okay, I’m not wild about the straightened hair because it makes her look less like me. (I mean, really though, we could be sisters. Twins, even.) She still looked so cool though. She was obviously wearing her now trademark purpley lipstick, but less obviously was wearing a relatively simple Balenciaga dress that pretty much every 16 year-old goth girl has wanted since they started wearing black.

Speaking of idols I had in high school. Everybody’s favorite original girl from down the block, Cyndi Lauper showed up looking like a witch. Obviously. She’s like everybody’s fashion idol right? Everybody loves her because first, she wrote the girl anthem of the world. Second, she is always wearing something exciting, even if it is all black. Mainly because nobody knows what she is doing ever because she has a time portal that she steps into and travels to the future and buys her outfits.

Onto Katy Perry whose performance pretty much proves my assessment that the unoffical/offical theme of the 2014 Grammys was GOTH. I think Buzzfeed said it best (which they have a tendency to do)


Performance aside, her dress was actually from one of my FAVORITE collections that came out of the couture shows this year. It was big bad Valentino Haute Couture and even though it wasn’t my favorite dress from the near perfect collection, I think it was funny that she wore a dress with music notes on it. Get it? Because she is a musician and she makes music?

Good one, Katy.

Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift and I’m not too worried about her and her exes. HOWEVER, I loved her Gucci Premeir dress. Yes, yes it looks like chainmail and fits her like it has grown with her body. The best part for me are the sleeves for some reason. Way to wear a BALLGOWN with little t-shirt lookin sleeves. What a fantastic idea. I love that.

I’m not going to even talk about them because they pretty much owned the Grammys like they own everything and maybe I admitted to a friend last night that I would drown my own parents to be able to be a part of the below couple’s family. So, here they are and I’m going to go be alone now and think about what I just said.

Did I miss anything? I KNOW I did and I know you all have your opinions. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I want to talk about what happened last night.