How To Wear Statement Earrings With Your Most Casual Of Clothes

I paired four basic summer outfits that I rotate a lot with my biggest, flashiest earrings -- and I think it made a world of difference.
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June 20, 2014
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I’m sure most people will agree when I admit that summer makes me incredibly lazy in the fashion department. I require slip-on shoes, not sandals with buckles; if I don’t have anywhere to be, I’m happy to spend the day in a romper or bathing suit; and as for accessories, I usually put on sunglasses and call it a day. When I am required to leave the house, I tend to keep things as simple as possible, which makes for some pretty boring outfits--usually either cutoffs or a T-shirt dress.

Recently, to rectify this problem, I’ve started building up a collection of attention-grabbing, statement-making earrings. They’re perfect for summer because I can easily throw them on with a basic LBD or jeans and instantly feel summery and chic, rather than lazy and boring. I mean, I still am lazy and boring at heart, but at least my earrings say otherwise.

I paired four basic summer outfits that I rotate a lot with my biggest, flashiest earrings -- and I think it made a world of difference.

1. Hammock outfit

This is my ideal summer outfit, perfect for wearing over a bikini while lying poolside or walking down the boardwalk, or just for lounging in a hammock all weekend. A crop top and cutoffs instantly become a little more glamorous once you add shoulder-grazing earrings (and a floaty embroidered caftan).

It's funny because it's not my usual style at all, but when I saw these dangling flower earrings at Forever21 and the white caftan/cover up on a display nearby, I immediately put them together in my head. I've decided that you don't necessarily need long hair in order to pull off the bohemian look --just a hammock and the right accessories will do.

2. Jeans and a sweater

This is a typical casual outfit for me, except with a t-shirt or tank instead of a sweater when it's hotter out (it was chilly that day).

A statement ear cuff looks just as good with ripped jeans as with a glamorous evening dress on the red carpet. Ear cuffs are the best and there's really no reason not to wear one every day, no matter how casual the rest of your outfit is.

3. T-shirt dress

I wear my grey T-shirt dress a lot, often with a denim jacket. It's put together but still reads as very casual, so if I'm going from running errands to my little sister's violin recital, I'll throw on a pretty pair of dangling turquoise earrings to elevate the whole look.

4. All black menswear

I like to wear all black year-round, even if it means I occasionally get old men saying to me, "You uh, really like black, huh?" I guess it's become the new "Smile, honey!" although sometimes I get both at once. Wearing black doesn't induce me to smile more, which is just how I like it.

ANYWAY, with black jeans and a blazer and a t-shirt, I sometimes have to stop in the mirror and admit, "Okay, you look sort of dour today." Or as Harrison Ford said in Working Girl, "like a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman." So I add some earrings. Here I went with neon green, which looked great with all that black.

If you’re not wearing ridiculously big earrings every day this summer, I think I’ve showed you why you need to start. Check out a few affordable options below:

So do I have you convinced? Let’s make statement earrings a thing this summer. And remember: As my grandma says, if they’re not hurting your ears, they’re not big enough.

All photos by Joshua Kirby