$11.00 Fashion Blast: Girly, Pearly, Heart-Shaped Sunnies!

Here's how to be the most ladylike biker babe on your block.
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October 17, 2013
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I’ve had a soft spot for really great heart-shaped sunglasses ever since around age eight when I casually saw the film poster for Vladimir Nabokov’s "Lolita" in a record store when my rocker uncle took me with him to hang posters for a show his band was playing. (It was the late, great Inner Sanctum Records in Austin, Texas -- often considered the most influential record shop in America.)

Fun fact: 14-year-old Sue Lyon never actually wore heart shaped sunglasses in the movie --she exclusively wore cat-eye shades. But that detail didn’t stop her heart sunnies from being a rather inappropriate yet iconic lightning bolt straight to my 8-year-old brain.

"Lolita" is one of the most effed-up books and films of all time. The story of a grown man who preys on pre-pubescent girls has gotten no less creepy in the 38 years since Nabokov wrote it. But those heart-shaped sunnies were something my mind could never unsee -- terrible association be damned.

Since then, I’ve bought heart sunglasses wherever I happen to find them.

I actually traded a 10-year-old girl my Hello Kitty Razor scooter and a giant bag of jellybeans for this sick vintage 1970s pair.

So when I found these pearl-rimmed heart shaped shades for a measly $11.00 from ZeroUV.com, I knew I had to share them with the whole class.

These ladylike sunnies come in black or cream, ship for free within the US, and if you decide you don’t like ‘em, return shipping is free too. I used to think that pearls were a little too boring, typical and saccharine, but I've come to love the mashup of something "biker babe chic" paired with oodles of sweetheart pearls.

Biker Pearls by alison-freer(click any item in photo for purchasing info)

I think this look works because a black leather moto jacket has basically become just as classic as a strand of pearls.

The only other accessory you'll need to complete this ladylike biker babe look is a big fat hog.

Whoops! Wrong picture. I meant one of these babies:

It has silver glitter paint! I'm sold.

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