Guess Just Launched a New Unisex Clothing Line, And It's Already Making Me Hate Shopping Less

I hope this pushes other brands to take the confines of gender out of their design process.
Publish date:
October 4, 2016
Guess, shopping tips, unisex clothes

Something about me that always surprises people is that I hate shopping. I always have. Unless there’s something I need or something I’m looking for specifically, a blazer, a new button-down, I don’t go shopping. I hate going into a store and browsing. It’s boring and I always feel like I'm wasting my time.

If there is something specific I’m looking for, I’ll usually just end up doing it online. If it’s something I have to try on before purchasing — new jeans, for instance — then I’ll lug myself to the actual store, walk in and make a beeline for the item, hop into it, peel it off, flee the dressing room as fast as I can, and get the hell out of there.

Men's clothes are boring. It’s the same shit every season, in the same colors. Girls get to have all the fun with fashion while men are stuck with button-downs in black, white, and shades of blue. I wear a lot of black and white basics with slouchy silhouettes, and then trick everything out with accessories and different hair and nail colors. It takes the attention off of the boring clothes and puts it on everything else, still making the outfits feel like me, with no help from what I’m wearing. That’s how I get dressed.

If I do have to suffer through a shopping trip, I’ll always check out the women’s section before I leave. Why? Because that’s where all the good shit is, man. Especially right now, when everyone is looking for new pieces for fall. The girls' section always has better colors, better pieces, better options all around. It’s not like I’m out here buying dresses (but don’t put it past me). Take yesterday, for instance. I walked into a store and saw a gorgeous sweater in this ugly/beautiful mustard yellow color with dropped shoulders and a weird neck. I LOVED it. And it was for women. I didn’t buy it, but I might go back for it.

I was very intrigued when I heard Guess is launching a unisex line, His & Hers, out today. I’ve never really checked for Guess because, honestly, I've never really liked what they've offered men. But I had to check this out and I really like what I see. His & Hers is a different ball game entirely.

His & Hers is a collection of wardrobe staples for whoever wants to wear it, that includes denim, loungewear, and outerwear. Pieces like overcoats, moto jackets, jeans, and blazers, worn by and flattering to all genders. I think Guess may have struck gold with his one.

For starters, I've got my eye on the overcoat in that rose color.

The last coat I bought was a Theory overcoat that I copped from Nordstrom a year or two ago. I spotted it from across the showroom and knew I was fucked. It was exactly what I had been looking for. You know when you see that one thing that feels like you designed it yourself, like it was made for you? It was one of those situations.

They didn’t have my size, but the personal shopper I was working with told me she’d call it in and it would be there next week. As she did, I had her pull the women’s version, too, just to be safe. I loved it just as much, but the lapel was different and I wasn’t sure which one I’d want to take home.

Back in the store the following week, both coats looked fantastic, neither of them looking more or less masculine or feminine than the other, just different. I ended up taking home the one for men, surprisingly, but only because the neck and closures made it warmer than the other.

The Heathered Overcoat by Guess His & Hers is basically a mix of both of the Theory options I was eyeing, which is why I’m finding it so irresistible. Hitting below the knee with the exaggerated lapel, still closing high enough to make it functional for low temps, in that insanely gorgeous rose color? It’s too much beauty for one piece of outerwear.

OR. The Biker Jacket in that same beautiful rose hue.

I know leather jackets are a staple and an investment piece that look good on everyone, but I’m just never really about them. They rarely look flattering or authentic on anyone, always looking too new and off the rack. But this one — this one looks like me, someone who has clearly never been on a motorcycle before and is wearing it solely for the look. Would an actual motorcycle owner wear a rose jacket? Probably the hell not. But I would!

I’d almost say that I wish they’d taken more risks with this collection. Instead of offering joggers, which, let’s be honest, are typically the same pattern no matter what gender they’re made for, I’d have loved to have seen maybe a pair of dress pants with a cool Celine-esque silhouette or a cropped sweatsuit situation à la Tibi, or even like the one Pharrell did with Adidas.

In truth, I’d probably be looking at these same pieces if they were part of anyone’s women’s collection, but I’m still so happy that they’re part of this unisex collection and more so that this unisex collection exists in the first place, especially from a brand that’s so widely known and accessible.

I hope His & Hers does well, and I can’t wait to see future collections from them. I hope this pushes other brands to take the confines of gender out of their design process and focus on making awesome pieces so good that they’ll sell themselves, no matter who is buying.