Grocery Shopping Is Boring, Let's Make It (A Little) Fun -- With Bags!

I hate shopping for food because it's dull and common.
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November 20, 2013
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Life is generally boring. My dad once told me that “very few extraordinary things happen in life, most days of your life will be very ordinary.” I am about to enter my 26th year, and you know what? So far, he has been right.

Don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING life. Seriously, I have got a pretty sweet deal right now. Still, I don’t live in a Nicholas Sparks novel (NOT THAT I WOULD WANT TO BECAUSE I’M A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DOESN’T NEED A MAN IN HER LIFE TO MAKE HER HAPPY, or whatever.) I go to work, maybe go to the gym, maybe hang out with some friends, maybe watch TV on Netflix, and then go to bed. For the most part, every day is like this.

I’m a firm believer that it is your personal responsibility to shake things up a bit. Once I went to the dry cleaner in nothing but a fur and some tights. It was like barely a block away from my apartment, but still I felt ALIVE.

That is what you have to do, chickens. You have to make things in your life a little weird. You have to make the things happen that you think are extraordinary, because the world is really boring, generally.

Want to know what the most boring errand is? Grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. It is actually the most dull thing ever. Just food in boxes and cans and bottles and the lighting is terrible and it’s too cold and you have to carry all this stuff around and it is so boring that I couldn’t enjoy this errand even if I was naked in fur. I think fancy food is really dumb and indulgent and I don’t really believe in it.

So how do I make the most boring thing ever a little bit more extraordinary? Bags, duh. Bags, bag,s bags. Let’s get into it because this intro is already a million words too many and who cares about my life anyway (YOU DO.)

OLD STANDARD - Baggu, $9

Alright, I hate to be such a whore to one company but like it would be dumb if I didn’t include these. They are the O.G. reusable bags and they are perf. They are spacious, foldable and come in a bunch of colors. Also at $12 you can buy a bunch of them and give them to friends and/or lovers because everybody has to buy groceries at some point, unfortunately.

CLASSY BABE- Kate Spade Fold Away Tote, $40

Love this Kate Spade Saturday thing. Who is this magical woman who just designs these lovely wonderful things like it's NBFD? Kate MF Spade, thats who. Or creative director Deborah Lloyd and her team, whatever. I never got to have one of those pencil cases because, I was kinda not rich at all. I don’t hold that against Kate though. I also love this weird print also and if you don’t that's fine because it comes in five other designs, including STARS. Also, it folds.

“I Actually Buy Groceries” GROCERY BAG - Fancy Shopper Tote, $2.80

Yes, love these too. They come in lots of fun glam patterns that inspire a fun trip to the grocers (haha, just kidding, the trip will still be boring because it always is.) It is not expensive (I DARE you to fight me on this one) and it is pretty spacious. I am skeptical that this one could hold more than three or four cans without breaking, but who eats canned foods theses days anyway? We need our food to be natural because we are delicate little organic flowers.

BILLIONAIRE MARKET BAG - Signature Margiela Shopper, $685

One day. One day this bag will be mine. One day I will go to my tiny secret underground market and buy a gold encrusted baguette to go with the brie made of milk squeezed from the breasts of real humans that I simply MUST have because it is just oh so divine. I feel like I really need this bag in my life and that I will be alone forever without it, I have a hole in my heart and it is in the shape of the Signature Margiela Shopper.

I ACTUALLY LIVE IN EUROPE BAG - Style Nanda Cross Body Bag $30.72

This is a great one because because you can wear it on your bike. I guess. I wouldn’t know because I don’t know how to ride a bike. KIDDING. Oversized cross body bags are great. You could actually carry a small child (standing) or a potted plant in there. Or your groceries if you are feeling average.

OFF TO THE FISHMARKET BAG - Recycled Bucket Bag, $24.95

I love fish. They are my second favorite animal next to snails. These bags are round and water friendly. If you buy fish at the market, or other things that could leak (EW) this is the bag for you. The strap is short too so you have to work out with your hands because you can’t put it over you shoulder.

Alright, thats all I got, nerds. I guess I should actually go shopping now, because I have been living on nuts and phonebook pages for a few days now.

How do you brighten up your mundane errand-running?