7 Trends I Want to Steal from the Grammys Red Carpet

These looks interrupted what was was otherwise a pretty tame red carpet full of body-hugging, sequined gowns.
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February 16, 2016
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I always look forward to the Grammy Awards red carpet because there's always bound to be at least one completely insane get-up. Sadly, this year was relatively demure. Lady Gaga's David Bowie tribute was interesting enough to look at but nowhere near the craziest thing she's worn (although I was impressed by her ability to walk in impossibly high heels, as always).

Zendaya wore a mullet and kind of pulled it off because she's Zendaya but also kind of didn't because it's a mullet.

Taylor Swift debuted a shorter bob which instantly made me think of Anna Wintour and a neon crop top that was basically the furthest thing from Anna Wintour imaginable.

Overall, though, it was a pretty tame red carpet full of body-hugging, sequined gowns. It makes me wish Rihanna had shown up because she's never boring.

Oh, well — the good news is that this makes it easier to interpret last night's red carpet trends for our own wardrobes (I never did manage to figure out how to make a meat dress wearable for everyday). Here are seven of the most popular trends from the Grammys and my suggestions for snagging them for yourself.

1. Leg Slits

I counted at least 15 dramatic leg slits on the red carpet last night. Everyone wanted to do the sexy leg pop, it seems. The heights of the slits varied, from subtle to underwear curtains (looking at you, Taylor), but the most popular variation of last night's trend was body-hugging black gowns with leg slits. I am all for this aesthetic, so here are a few items that offer that alluring glimpse of leg:

The Julliard dress comes in red as well; I think it makes a great date dress in either color. The two ASOS dresses would be easy to dress up for going out or dress down for the office (a subtle leg slit shouldn't get you in trouble as long as everything else is covered up).

2. Side Cut-Outs

Cut-outs were once again prevalent on the red carpet. Are you surprised? I'm not. This time everyone seemed to agree that the best place for cut-outs is on the side. I think I prefer that to shoulder cut-outs or that weird triangular stomach cut-out (sorry Kaley Cuoco), so I'm down... in theory.

Anyway, if I were the kind of person to wear cut-outs, these are the ones I would wear:

Yeah, I threw a romper in there. Keeping you on your toes!

3. Sheer Black Lace

There was a lot of sheer black lace (along with some sheer black illusion netting thrown in as well).

I like the idea of wearing sheer black lace in the summer; it's sexy and romantic, and unlike white lace, you can easily wear it to all of your summer weddings.

Out of all the above examples, I most want to buy the Zara top. I'd wear it on dates or on the weekends with jeans.

4. White Capes

I saw quite a few people wearing capes on the red carpet last night, which made me happy because I do not want this trend to ever die. I love a good cape. Since I saw at least two all-white dresses with capes at the Grammys, here are a few affordable ones that I like:

The caped jumpsuit is a nod to Nicole Trunfio's outfit, although sadly I couldn't find one with sequins. That's probably for the best, since the one I found is slightly more wearable.

5. Feathers

I love it when the ladies on the red carpet have some fun with texture. Last night there were a lot of feathers, or feather-like texture, from Elle King's black feathery gown to Kacey Musgrave's colorful ombre concoction. This is the perfect way to make a party dress instantly more exciting.

Personally I would probably choose a dress with just one touch of feathered trim (either on bottom or on top, like the Topshop dress), all in black. But don't be afraid to have fun with color too if you're really looking to stand out.

6. Color Blocking

Taylor Swift certainly stood out with her orange and pink two-piece last night. She wasn't the only one who employed color blocking either. This is a great, eye-catching trend for the upcoming summer season (hence the inclusion of a bikini below).

If vibrant colors aren't your thing, black and white color blocking is totally acceptable and don't let anyone tell you differently.

7. Pantsuits

Oh boy. I really don't think pantsuits are for me, but perhaps I just haven't found the right one yet. Zendaya isn't the only one whose outfit was menswear-inspired; Bonnie Raitt slayed in pants and a sparkly leather jacket, Demi Lavato layered a tuxedo jacket over a skirt, and Bonnie McKee paired her pink hair with a glittering silver pantsuit.

I failed to find a floor-length skirt and tuxedo jacket combo, but here are a few other pantsuit or pantsuit-adjacent options:

I don't know where one wears a metallic pantsuit (other than the Grammys, obviously) but just in case I included one. I would definitely consider wearing a slouchy pantsuit like Zendaya's or the Asos one pictured above.

And I always love a good tuxedo dress.