Get Your Nerd On: 6 Tips For Wearing Your Specs with Style

Seeing is kind of a necessary part of life.
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November 19, 2012
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Thanks to my generation's tendency to plaster our eyes to a computer screen at all times, my vision is suffering; I have gone from being an occasional glasses-wearer to a dependent. I've been damned to wearing them to the bar, on romantic dates and even in the shower. Believe me when I say shaving your legs is way easier when you can see the razor.

Unfortunately, even the least stylish glasses can cost well over $300, and seeing is kind of a necessary part of life. Thanks to the magic of the Interwebs, you can now treat yo'self to some quality spectacles without breaking the bank. With Lookmatic, you only have to dole out $95.00 for a genuinely stylish pair with all the fixings (complicated lens treatments that I do not understand but nonetheless, need). PLUS they offer virtual try-on as well as free shipping and returns.

But now that you have the glasses -- how do you wear them? Clean them? Get drunk and make mistakes in them? There is more to it than just putting some specs on your face, people! And after 10 years of being a four-eyes, I am practically an optometrist, so here it goes: my tried and true tips for rocking your nerd gear in style.

Curl your eyelashes.

After I blossomed into a woman and started wearing mascara, I suffered this awkward situation in which my eyelids would get caught mid-blink. I allowed this twitchy dilemma to go on far too long before investing in an eyelash curler. I know it looks like a torture device. I know it kind of feels like one, too. But trust me when I say the sensation of your lashes brushing up against glasses lenses all day is a far worse fate.

Buy more than one!

Tortoise shell and black are definitely my go-tos, but with glasses this inexpensive, why not add something a little different to the collection? These beige-colored glasses are a little less severe than my usual specs, which is ironic since my favorite severe and monotone actress designed them.

Rock a poof

For whatever reason, rocking a Snookie-sized poof in your hair can somehow amp your style up from coy nerd next door to seductive librarian fantasy. Secure your hair into a half-up style with a clip or a couple bobby pins and transform yourself into an irresistible be-spectacled being.

Try a new shape

Again, with prices like these you can feel free to acquire a vast collection of glasses! However, my try with this pair of cat-eyed glasses got a little too literal.

And on that note, why not get some sunglasses too?

Cataracts are not pretty, my friends. I know this because both my mother and my dog had them. Until I discovered these glorious reasonably priced glasses, the investment in prescription sunnies was too much to handle. Now? I’m rockin’ stunna shades and making duckface.

Don’t be afraid to go big

Real talk here: Until recently, I had been resigned to wearing children’s glasses. My face is rather small; everything is just kind of smushed into place on my head like God was in a rush or something. For this reason, I resisted the oversized Emo kid revolution for quite some time, but fear no more! I have finally graduated from bedazzled accessories intended for eight year olds, and it’s a beautiful beautiful thing.

There you have it: my expert tips on seeing with style. And I promise -- you won’t look nearly as awkward in your glasses as I do in my selfies.

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