Free! 10 Pairs of $180 Diesel Jeans! PLUS: Jane's Mom is soo foxy.

May you look almost as good in your new FREE jeans as Jane's mom looks in hers. Here's how to win.
Publish date:
August 17, 2011

Isn't that photo amazing? It's JANE'S MOM, Sheila, looking foxy in bellbottom jeans in her painting studio in the 70s! AKA: Exhibit A for why this denim look is back in style.

But we're not posting pictures of Jane's mom just to make you wish you could look so bohemian and glamorous. We are doing it because we hate stock photos. No! Because we want to help you channel her retro style in these amazing Diesel Livier Flare Jeans. And because we love you, our readers and want you to get everything for free, we're giving away 10 pairs -- worth $180 each!

Here, you can look at them right now on the Diesel website. They’re from the brand’s sick new Fall/Winter 2011 collection, so you’ll be one of the first to have them:

More jeans details: They’ve got a pre-washed effect to fabric that’s really relaxed and great-looking. You can dress them up or you can dress them down. They’re bootcut, a style that we are allll OVER for fall:

These jeans are flattering on everyone. [Even me, in this case. I was surprised when I put them on, because I have begun to think that maybe my most flattering style nowadays would be the mom jeans with the zipper that is like 18 inches long, but NO! --Jane] They’ve got some stretch in them, so they make your legs and butt look really, REALLY sexy. See, look:

And for good measure, here's the color of the denim close up (it goes with literally everything):

Oh, and did we mention that they’re free?! FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE. Well, at least for 10 of you!

Here’s how to win: Leave a comment on this post about whatever you want -- jeans, mom, your mom's jeans. And just like high school, it's a popularity contest. The 10 comments that receive the most likes will win, so ask your Facebook friends, family, email aquaintances, neighbors, tweeples, sexy strangers, etc. to come to this post and click that little "Like" link underneath your comment.

The contest runs three weeks from today, and we'll announce the winners on the site. In the meantime, we staffers will be posting photos of our mothers wearing the retro denim styles of yesteryear for you to swoon over (and to keep the contest interesting).

Look, here's Sheila again, this time in jean shorts:

Good luck and happy contesting! Leave your bestest comments ever below, and pry these hot jeans out of our cold clammy hands.