Donuts, Cookies, Pop Tarts and Ice Cream! (To Wear, Not to Eat)

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September 10, 2013
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Do you love ice cream? What about pizza? If you answered yes to both, I’d be willing to bet that I could add donuts, Pop-Tarts, lollipops, cereal, chocolate-chip cookies and waffles to that list. And I’d also bet that if you love to eat these yummy treats, you’d be just as excited to wear these same treats on your body.

Claire did a pretty bangin’ roundup of food clothes and accessories earlier in the summer, but she appears to strictly be a fan of salt and savory. With the exception of pizza and tacos, I tend towards all sweets, all the time. I didn't want my fellow dessert lovers to be out in the proverbial cold.

So I scrounged around the web and found some legit food jewelry to share with you. (I also think my pal Emily may have already bought the Pop Tart bracelet, so blame her for it's unavailability.)

(Click any of the photos below for purchasing info.)

Breakfast Jewelz by alison-freer featuring a chain necklace

The jewelry above is from a fantastical Etsy shop called Scrumptious Doodle. The proprietor of the shop makes ridiculously detailed polymer clay jewelry that looks good enough to "accidentally" eat. Her specialty is clearly desserts and sweet treats. That little spoon with the milk and cereal? How is it not on the cover of Vogue magazine? It's that good. (Her prices are surprisingly low, too!)

Dessert Jewelry by alison-freer featuring stainless steel earrings

Cake is mighty nice, but I have a serious weakness for one specific cake-like creation: donuts. When I heard that Hostess had finally resurrected itself from the dead (it was only like 6 months but it felt like FOREVER) my first thought was OH HELL YES, DONETTES!

These tiny bite-sized donuts have been a cornerstone of my diet since high school, where I slammed a package of the chocolate ones every morning before journalism class. I of course washed them down with a can of Hawaiian Punch while applying eyeliner at my workstation. (Is it any wonder I had to take correspondence bowling classes to graduate high school?)

Now that I'm older, I am an expert of some renown in which flavor of Donette pairs best with which alcohol. In case you were wondering, chocolate goes with red wine, crumb pairs nicely with champagne, and beer is the perfect foil for powdered.

We were talking about jewelry, yes? Scrumptious Doodle's donut jewelry does not disappoint.

Doughnut Jewelz by alison-freer featuring stud earrings

That little cup of coffee! It's so trite, but I just about died. I'm also pretty keen on her Pop Tart and cookie collections:

Pop Tarts & Cookies by alison-freer featuring a charm bracelet

Scrumptious Doodle also dabbles in a few savory foods as well. Her PB&J/BFF friendship jewels are really the highlight of her creations. But it has to be the right kind of friendship:

Elvis fans could get the PB & banana friendship rings!

Savory Jewels by alison-freer featuring stainless steel earrings

While Scrumptious Doodle's food jewelry is hands down the best food jewelry on the web, it's obviously not the only food jewelry on the web. Tiny Frappucinos, mini bowls of ramen noodles, petite jars of Nutella and macaron bobby pins are all welcome to share space in my overstuffed jewelry box.

More Food Jewelry! by alison-freer featuring chain jewelry

I made this last (and final!) page of sweet treat jewelry for our resident popsicle addict.

DESSERT!! by alison-freer featuring rose gold jewelry

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