Justin Bieber gave me his sneakers, cross-stich is back, just say no to ballet flats, and I’ve never been to Topshop. You don’t even need to read this now. You’re welcome.

Talking about fashion makes me want to cut my tits off with a beer can. Is there ANYTHING that hasn’t already been done to death? Why couldn’t I have paid attention in school so I could cleverly talk at length about ANYTHING ELSE but clothes?

But I honestly do love fashion, even after spending 4 straight hours today absorbing some truly cringe-worthy personal style blogs. That shit will send you into a ferocious rage coma that nothing will shake.

Where are these delicate bloggers teetering off to on those pencil thin heels in their impossibly perfect ensembles in the middle of the day on a Tuesday? And who is taking those serenely lit, nonchalant photos of them looking so twee? Their loyal boyfriends? I asked my dude to take a picture of me today and this is what I got:

Yes, I really do wear this stupid AC/DC t-shirt ALL THE TIME.

He took the picture, calmly announced, “Got it,” and handed me my camera back.

I think fashion info is best when it's delivered in bite-sized chunks. So here you go; some nibbles for your Wednesday.


Sweet Baby Jesus, Topshop is coming to Nordstrom. The British retailer announced that they will open 14 boutiques inside selected Nordstrom stores on September 10th. Le Confession: I have never actually set foot in a Topshop. Somehow I missed going when I was in NYC last month.

Left: Tweed moto suit, $206.00. Right: Pink denim moto vest, $96.00. Both, Topshop.

Left: Sequin skater dress, $130.00. Right: Red velvet boots, $190.00. Both, Topshop.

We are allegedly getting a Topshop at the Grove in LA by Christmas time, but I’ve heard this rumor more than once and it came to exactly nothing. I think I’d rather buy Topshop stuff at Nordstrom anyway -- I can’t bear the horrible blaring music and long lines to try stuff on at most cheap & chic retailers like Topshop.

I also love Nordstrom because they don’t hassle you when you return something. I want to be a small boutique supporter, but I’m tired of being stuck with an expensive garment that ripped or otherwise dissatisfied me due to a “NO RETURNS” policy.


Yes, Supra sneakers. You know who introduced me to Supras? Justin Bieber. I dressed him for a television appearance about 3 days before he became insanely famous, and he only wanted to wear Supras.

Check the gold Supras.

Luckily he and I wear the same size shoe (that adorable little sprite) so I ended up with the leftovers. I’ve always bought guy’s Supras and just sized down, but they are pretty big and puffy. So I am pleased that Supra has just come out with a specific girl's line.

Clockwise from top left: Blue/pink Supras, $105.00, Camo/orange Supras, $85.00. Grey Cheetah Supras, $95.00. Black/pink Supras, $85.00.

I’ll tell you something about the Biebs -- he is charming as hell. I stuck my hand out to greet him at his wardrobe fitting and he said to me: “Aw, I’m a hugger,” and reached out to hug me. Almost 3 years later, he’s still a Supra fan. So am I.

I am on my feet almost 13 hours a day at work, so I end up wearing a lot of sneakers with dresses. Trainers are too slovenly for me, and Converse don’t cut it -- they give zero support. I love Supras because they are really comfortable and simply styled. There is a sort of elegance to them, even though they are done up in crazy colors and patterns. Supra high tops in particular flatter bare legs -- the ankle height evens out your leg and looks cute with skirts. I think the fact that the tongue goes up at a slight angle is what keeps from them looking too clunky. Fashion math is all about angles and placement.


When I was a kid, I was really into doing cross-stitch. It was a great "sewing" project for someone like myself who couldn’t sit still at a machine long enough to sew anything. I could, however, take my cross-stitch project absolutely anywhere: the back of my dad’s pickup truck, the tree house in my backyard, the library, or visiting various relatives in jail.

Super Mario cross-stitch, nerdy as can be.

It was a great sense of accomplishment to finish a cross-stitch piece. I felt like a winner, even though a cross-stitch project is the sewing equivalent of a toddler scribbling in a coloring book. All I did was color inside the pre-determined lines.

The lovely Tarina Tarantino, one of my favorite jewelry designers, has a line of embroidered jewelry that reminds me of my little cross-stitch projects.

Clockwise from top left: "Ahoy!" embroidered necklace, $105.00. Banana embroidered ring, $36.52. Ice cream embroidered ring, $29.78. Roller derby embroidered ring, $45.00. All, Tarina Tarantino.

I wish she would make these pieces as kits you could embroider yourself! I could use a little dose of self-satisfaction.


Steal Her Style: Fashion Icons and How to Get Their Look by Sarah Kennedy, $16.99. Available August 1, 2012.

The amount of fashion books I own is preposterous. It has caused an entire bookshelf in my office to come crashing down without warning more than once. But there's always room for a book with Debbie Harry on the cover on my bookshelf. She is my original style inspiration.

Sarah Kennedy's new book, "Steal Her Style: Fashion Icons and How to Get Their Look" is an impressively researched treatise that traces the style roots of 25 iconic women in a way that anyone can absorb and emulate. I think the number one thing Kennedy has done in her book is talk about the silhouettes these women favored, giving the reader an idea of what to look for when they are out in the world on their own.

Thing 5: KILTYS

I am a rather staunch disliker of the ballet flat. Most of the ones I've owned have been hideously uncomfortable and offered zero support.

Minnetonka "Kilty" suede hardsole moccasin, $39.99.

I do love a slip on (and therefore slip off!) shoe. But I'd much rather be wearing a cute pair of moccasins over ballet flats any day. These Minnetonka "Kilty" moccasins come in a bunch of fun colors, are adorable when paired with shorts or dresses, and are a perfect replacement for your totally grody ballet flats. The hardsole is nice for walking, and the suede conforms to your feet for total comfort.

Are there any specific fashion questions or topics you'd like to see answered/covered here in the future? Let me know, I'm all ears.


Alison (@Ivey Alison)