FIND IT FRIDAY: "A Small, Cute (and Preferably Affordable) Watch"

Plus, I'm giving away three of my favorite watches -- get involved!
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May 4, 2012
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Hey Julie,

I am always fucking late. Like ALWAYS. I know that you are like "don't you have a cell phone, this 2012" and yes, I do. However, I am plagued by the look-at-your-phone-and-never-register-the-time syndrome. You KNOW what I'm talking about. Anyway, all the timepieces I find are like crazy Diddy style rhinestone monstrosities. Do you know of a small and cute (and preferably affordable, but I knowthat's not your style) watch that I can get so I can properly manuver my three date nights??



As far as I'm concerned, watches fall into two camps: major investment or affordable classic. Here's my beef with mid-priced watches (and shoes and bags): They're often essentially expensive knock-offs, heavily inspired by a high-end original design.

Until recently, the only timepieces I owned were hand-me-downs from my last boyfriend, acquired during the height of the boyfriend everything trend a few seasons ago. That was back when Katie Holmes was running around New York City in Tom Cruise's pants. Remember? Jeans, jackets, sweatshirts; nothing was safe from the bf prefix.

Then I went to Swatch party and took home a few barebones timepieces -- just clock and strap. Most importantly, they're affordable. Swatch also has some more statement-y watches for spring like this Jeremy Scott collection, if that's what you're into.

I've been wearing this slim, sporty, wrap-around Swatch Pink Berry for weeks now. It's in complete opposition to my colorless wardrobe and that's what I like about it. Sometimes I pair it with one of these Devorah Libin friendship bracelets, but mostly I like my Swatch solo.

The Swatch New Gent is another favorite. It's NOT a "boyfriend" watch despite the gendered name. Madeline has one too, and she makes it her own by adding a stack of accessories.

Are you into these? Good, because I've got three wrap-around Swatches to spare and I want you to have them.

Enter to win by doing one of the following:

1. Tweet @xojanedotcom and @SwatchUS and include #XOSWATCH.

2. Like us on Facebook and leave a comment telling us how you would wear your Swatch.

3. Pin a picture of your current wrist style on Pinterest and tag it #XOSWATCH and we'll repin it to our #XOSWATCH board.

You have until May 10th to enter. Swatch and Learn slunts, may the best wrist jockey win, and remember, I'll Be Swatching You.

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