You Need These Feminist T-Shirts in Your Life

Is there a better combination than feminism and an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reference? I think not.
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April 20, 2016
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I don't like wearing clothes with words on them, as a general rule. In the past I've made an exception for my t-shirt that says "If I die tell Mindy Kaling I love her," and now I'm making one more exception for what is basically an entire collection of feminist slogan t-shirts. Yes, my t-shirt drawer looks just as awesome as you're imagining.

I realize that there's a lot of things you can do for feminism that will have more impact than wearing a t-shirt. However, I'm also a strong believer in expressing yourself through your wardrobe, and what better way to express what is a very important part of my identity?

So without further ado, here are just a few of the places where I've found some awesome feminist shirts — and how to style them because, to be honest, I'm not usually much of a t-shirt person.

Feminist Apparel

Is there a better combination than feminism and an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reference? I think not. I wear this tank top to the gym all the time, but you don't have to take it quite so literally because females are strong as hell in so many different ways. This top is the perfect thing to wear when you need a little reminder of that.

This might be my favorite shirt, if only because it matches my hair so perfectly. Plus it saves a lot of time when meeting new people because then they immediately know what to expect.


I think this shirt is brilliant, and I can't wait to buy the matching sweatshirt next fall. It's the perfect thing to wear around MRAs because when they demand to know what that's supposed to mean, you can calmly explain that it means that eventually all men will have their sperm collected and frozen, and then they shall be removed from the planet. Seriously, that's the way many people interpreted this shirt. I had to point out many times that it doesn't say "the future is only female." On the plus side, this shirt sparked a lot of interesting, sincere conversations about what "the future is female" really means and I am all for that.

Female Collective

I had a hard time choosing between this shirt and one that said "Mind Your Own Uterus." In the end I chose this one because it just seemed to be applicable for a broader range of situations. Wear this shirt on a date, walking to the bar at night, to a political rally, to your parents' house for Thanksgiving, to church...the list goes on, because there literally isn't an end to the list of places where people think they have a right to comment on what a woman does with her body.

I rounded up a few more feminist items (included pins and tote bags) that I want to add to my collection:

I'm really glad that I discovered these brands. For one thing, it got me to realize that t-shirts aren't that hard to style — they're actually pretty versatile. (Although to be honest, I'm probably just going to wear these shirts with cut-offs all summer.)

More importantly, however, these shirts got me out of my comfort zone. I have no problem declaring myself a feminist but I don't usually like to invite conflict or debate. Most people I encountered while wearing these shirts didn't say anything, but I had some great conversations with the ones who did. I had some not-so-great conversations as well, but in the end all you can do is hope that you broadened someone else's perspective a little bit. It even made me want to educate myself more so that I could be well-informed when talking about issues that are important to me.

Not bad for just a t-shirt, right?

Photos by Josh Kirby