My Nine Favorite Runway Moments at New York Fashion Week

The sequins, silver eyebrows, nail chains, and celebrity models that won my heart.
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February 23, 2015
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Did you know that I attended Fashion Week for the fall 2015 collections?! Not funny, I get it — you’re sick of hearing about it. But hey, we haven’t discussed my favorite fashion and beauty runway moments for fall 2015 yet! Trust me, you want to hear all about the sequins, silver eyebrows, and nail chains that won my heart.


Show Your Titties With A See-Through Top And Bralette

Wahoo!! I love letting my melons hang low in the breeze — while I can’t achieve that in a literal sense (#FREETHENIPPLE), I can get pretty close with thinly veiled boobs under a sheer top. I love lacy bras. Pushing my mammories up to my chin hurts, but delicate bralettes feel light and feminine. Charlotte Ronson styled her barely there, see-through blouses with a perfect selection of triangular, lacy bralettes.

Sexy Furry Accents — Ooh Baby

Fur isn’t going anywhere. However, if you aren’t a fan of giant H2T pimp monstrosities, fur accents (or faux fur) are a great way to dip your toes into the trend and stay relevant. I really can’t get enough of the outerwear seen at Son Jung Wan — so much jewel-toned luxury. Ugh.

(Fashion hack: Have a tailor attach a fuzzy collar to one of your existing coats, or layer with a furry vest.)

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Sparkles are back!!! Allow me to make snow angels and cry rhinestones while fawning over my iPhone shots at the Jenny Packham show, because I missed sparkles. Fall will bring plenty of black and leather, as seen on the gothic runways of Skingraft and Nicholas K, and fur, similar to the fur details at Son Jung Wan and dramatic fur coats at Michael Kors. Fortunately for us girly-girls, the Jenny Packham show was a sign of sparkly things, too — this can also be said about Noon by Noor, which featured a predominantly metallic and shimmering fall collection.

I was disappointed when embellishment disappeared from the red carpet for a bit. But, if you kept an eye on stars at the Academy Awards on Sunday, you saw that most actresses were bedazzled with a bit of bling.

At the Jenny Packham show (pictured above), sequins were key for both evening and outerwear, clustered into small flowers that audibly rustled on the runway. I was entranced by the romantic detail at this show. Sigh . . . .


No-Makeup Makeup Kicks the Bucket . . .

for Katty Xiomara and Jeremy Scott, at least. The words “fresh" and “modern," are so tired, yet are eternally attached to endless parades of bare faces that come season after season. AT LAST, I finally saw some genuinely inventive and edgy beauty looks for fall. I’m really feeling the bright red lid shown at Katty Xiomara. An eerily similar eye look was painted onto the lids (and eyebrows) of models at Jeremy Scott, but I prefer Katty’s more wearable interpretation. I tried out this look using my Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in “Leila," and it was surprisingly not crazy looking when blended with a bronze shadow in the crease.

Futuristic Statement Eyebrows

I spent the entire Tokyo Runway Meets New York (essentially a showcase of amazing Japanese designers) backstage to creepily stare at the models’ beauty looks. DJ cum model Hannah Bronfman pulled off colorful blue brows at an art gala in 2013, but the look never really caught on . . . until now. Backstage at this show I was completely in awe of the simple brilliance of silver brows. It just makes so much sense with an otherwise clean face (my exception to the “no-makeup makeup is stupid rule”). I need a silver paint pot, ASAP.

Hazardous Swinging Nail Chains

You nail-art fans think you’ve seen it all? Well I’m sure you’ve never considered Libertine nail chains. Pinterest, eat your heart out. Yes, fashion shows are meant to be theatrical, but I’m detecting a trend that attention-grabbing celebrities may take hold of (hi, Lady — models at The Blonds runway also sported CND manicures with long gold chains attached.)

EVERYTHING at David Tlale

Aside from a stunning collection of silky fabrics in soothing shades of lilac, immaculate draping, and slow-mo worthy gowns, I was overjoyed to see such a diverse cast of models (including Tyson Beckford, *salivating*) at South African native designer David Tlale’s show — once a rarity in the fashion industry. Perfection.

Model Highlights

ANTM Hotties

I met Will and Phil (I rhymed, heh) from America’s Next Top Model at the Grungy Gentleman presentation in Chelsea, where Juelz Santana and Jadakiss performed. The set-up of this presentation was cool — an expansive white backdrop with models standing in the back, almost like props as rappers performed. Kelly Cutrone made an appearance while running the show — and being scary in general — so I’m assuming she casted the boys.

“Muva” Amber Rose

ALL HAIL A GILDED AMBER ROSE – MY QUEEN, MY GODDESS. I could hardly pay attention to the clothes at Laurel DeWitt because I was too busy wondering how many squats it takes to get that derriere.

Is Amber Rose also your queen? Do you think these runway looks will become trends?

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