Do You Have An "I Don't Want to Think About Getting Dressed Today" Outfit?

I actually have two.
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October 4, 2013
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I love fashion. I love shopping. I have a closet full of pretty clothes that I feel really grateful for. But sometimes getting dressed in the morning is as daunting as picking out a restaurant in Manhattan. There are lots of wonderful options and I can't make a simple decision. It's basically fashion paralysis.

This usually happens on days when I can be really casual. I'm much more clear on what I want to wear when I'm dressing for, say, a big meeting. I have a couple of go-to professional lady dresses that I love to wear and make me feel I'll powerful and "Lean In"-y. In fact, I shall write about those confidence-boosting outfits later.

But back to the matter at hand. I also happen to be a huge insomniac, which you may think has nothing to do with getting dressed. Alas, it totally does in my world. I've been burdened by the inability to fall asleep since I was in high school where my anxiety-ridden Type A nature really blossomed. I'm often up until two or three in the morning, watching "SVU" reruns and counting how many hours of sleep I'm NOT getting that night. But once I fall asleep, I'm out -- and I try to sleep in as late as humanly possible.

In order to squeeze in that extra 7 minutes of sleep, I need to shave time off of other parts of my morning routine. Fashion paralysis is not an option.

Enter the casual uniform, that go-to outfit that requires little thought, totally fits your personal style, and gets you out the door with a quickness. I, in fact, have two variations.

Exhibit A: The Hippie

I've never met a maxi dress or skirt I didn't instantly fall in love with and buy. This particular skirt is vintage and I found it at a random little place in LA a million years ago. I hope it never falls apart because I love it so much.

Whether I'm wearing this skirt or a different maxi dress, I almost always throw this army-style jacket over it. I actually wish it was a legit one from Army/Navy surplus but it's actually from the Gap and probably the best purchase I made all spring based on how often it gets worn. Add one statement necklace to class up the joint (this one is Lulu Frost) and I'm set.

Oh, and the sunglasses. Always a classic Ray-Ban. As my friends the Fug Girls always say, "Everyone looks hotter in sunglasses." I totally agree.

And now onto the other side of my casual dressing personality.

Exhibit B: The Bookish Tomboy

This uniform is a fall staple. And I mean every fall. It always works. I love jeans. I love that I have always had jobs where jeans were a totally acceptable thing to wear on most days. My favorites are J Brand when I'm spending money, which I tend to do on staples like denim.

I also have 3 drawers of various cute T-shirts to throw on with them. This striped one is from Stylemint and I actually have a ton from there. They have great soft material but don't cost a gabillion dollars. And again the jacket is a great Gap purchase. A blazer is key to any woman's wardrobe and can be casual with jeans or more business-like over a shift dress. I'm actually in the market for a couple new blazers so if you've seen any great ones out there, let me know in the comments!

I'm tall and I love being even taller when I wear my big high heels. But I also love a flat, especially these black patent loafers. They're so comfortable but also go with the whole menswear-inspired thing.

The finishing touches: a messy topknot, my Warby Parker glasses, and a red lip.

I like to think this is also how I would dress if I were in grad school.

So do you have a go-to look or two that you fall back on when you just don't want to fuss over your outfit? What are the key basics that you rely on?