Attention Friends and Family: This Gift Guide Is Actually My Wish List

Yes, I need two pairs of sunglasses, OK?
Publish date:
November 24, 2016
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Whoever said it’s far better to give than to receive was full of shit. Both are equally great in my book. Plus, you deserve something really pretty (and maybe shiny) when you are shopping for others because you’re being such a nice person. Yay you!

This list is chock full of things I like (and probably want, so *hint hint* to my friends who actually read what I write). There’s something for everyone on your list and at every price, so you can go big if you’re a baller or small if you’re flat broke. Mom, Dad, your ride-or-die BFF, your SO — whether they’re been naughty or nice, you still have to get them a gift, so why not better make it a great one? If only for the sole purpose of hoping to receive an even better one from them next year. Kidding! (Not really.)

What are you buying everyone you love (or yourself) this year? Tell me in the comments!