I Think My Foot's Broken So Now I Need To Buy ALL The Flats

Heels are probably leaving my life for a while but loafers are my new best friends.
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October 31, 2013
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As I was sitting getting my awesome hair treatment the other day, my foot suddenly started THROBBING. WTF? I'd been fine all day and was wearing these super cute lace-up boots that have a heel but are totally comfortable. But this pain felt familiar and I was not happy about it.

I took off my boot and saw that my foot was horribly swollen. UGH. I had to go across the street to Zara after my appointment and buy some ballet flats so I could get to the two beauty events I had that evening. Now I'm still in pain and pissed and convinced that I have a stress fracture -- because I've had SO many before.

I JUST finished physical therapy from breaking my hand (and having surgery to put five pins in it) earlier this year and NOW THIS?? Why am I breaking things ALL THE TIME? (And yes I've had my bone density tested and it's all good.) So to celebrate my birthday today, I'll be seeing a fancy foot doctor who apparently treats all of NYC's prima ballerinas. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I am going to make myself feel better by shopping. And since I'm preparing for the worst with this diagnosis, I'm buying flats. Loafers, actually, because I'm super into the whole menswear trend and so are lots of designers at the moment.

Obviously I will never be able to afford this pair from Lanvin but I love them so hard:

But there are lots of other versions that are in my price range and here are some of my favorites.

I love Shoemint. I buy at least one pair every single month. I can't wait for these to arrive:

I feel like I need to wear these on a fabulous country weekend, darlings:

I will also never, ever be able to buy these but they are such an awesome twist on a loafer that I will dream about them tonight:

There's no way these aren't insanely comfortable, right?

These remind me of my grandpa and Florida in a way that I'm totally digging. Now I just need to plan a trip to somewhere warm so I can wear them and also so I can be somewhere warm.

Send this gimpy girl your favorite fall flats so I can ease my pain buying more pairs! And let's all keep our fingers crossed that I don't end up at my birthday dinner in one of these:

UPDATE (6:20 pm): It's totally a stress fracture and I'm now wearing a boot that looks exactly like the above. I think it's time for birthday wine now. On a positive note, the ballerina doctor was brilliant and pretty much the nicest doc I've ever been to.