Don't Call it a Canadian Tuxedo

This is a three piece denim suit and I've been wearing it for three whole days.
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June 15, 2012
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Three times a charm.

If a trend happens and you never take part, did the trend really exist? In the case of denim on denim -- no. When double-jean made its most recent comeback in 2010, I opted out. The look that year typically featured two varying shades of blue or play with proportion, thus offering some contrast. It didn't strike my fancy.

The rendition above however, wasn't inspired by wanting to resuscitate a trend. I packed the button down and jeans in my gym bag as a change of clothes after a morning workout among other options and the jacket is borrowed from Madeline because I was cold at the office.

Everyone at xoJane had something to say about my "Canadian Tuxedo," sort of like when I ordered steamed vegetables for lunch. Can we retire this antiquated idea of what wearing denim on denim (on denim) means? I felt good in my all-denim-everything, so good that I wore the look for several days, much to Madeline and Olivia's horror. They both asked that I change into something else before we went out last night.

What do you think? Is this working or am I beating a dead trend? Tell me the truth.

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