Do This Don't: Forgive John Galliano

Hey, if I could forgive my stone cold sober mother for repeatedly calling me a faggot when I was an innocent, sensitive little boy -- you can cut my intoxicated boy Galliano some slack.
Publish date:
September 30, 2011
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Passionate, volatile and drug-addicted, Galliano has always been synonymous with drama both on and off the runway. It's this fiery disposition that produced some of the most iconic clothing of the twentieth century.

Much has been said about the designer's drunken, drugged, anti-semitic rant in a Paris cafe last February, but very little on the subject of forgiveness. Shouldn't he be forgiven? Could he be forgiven? Right now, it's seems unlikely.

What a pity if his fate then is an all-access pass to Club Polanski, where he will be hidden forever in the shadow one night's mistake. I abhor Polanski's sexual abuse of a minor and his controversial comment -- something like "All men want to fuck young girls," which is probably true -- but I refuse stop loving "Rosemary's Baby" and "Chinatown."

Like Polanski, Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, Galliano's off-color comments may have permanently tarnished his reputation and the public's perception of his work. He's certainly suffered the consequences -- termination from both DIOR and his GALLIANO line, a conviction in Paris court of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks and 6,000 euros ($8,400) in fines.

So what now? The September issue of American Vogue featured Kate Moss in her wedding dress, designed by her longtime pal Galliano. Vogue quietly ushered the designer's first step back into the spotlight. He's seen in one spread -- the quirk-master Galliano, off to the side fixing the supermodel's train. Just the fact that Anna Wintour ran this image suggests that she's in his corner.

The Vogue editrix is credited with discovering him, and perhaps in the end will be the one who saves him.

Like many of us in fashion, I live for the aesthetic and I will always value John Galliano's vision and contribution to this industry and to the world. If his artistry was put on trial, I believe it would be untouchable. So Galliano got diva and shut it down after a few too many, but who hasn't?

Do I hope for a comeback? Hells yes. Natalie Portman can hate on me all she wants, and that's her right. I've learned that when I forgive someone who's hurt me, I'm spared corrosive bitterness and pain -- and ultimately find peace. Feel free to crucify me below.